How to use the tool RotoZip

By Admin | Tools
19 April 2016

Sometimes during the repair of a need in the treatment of difficult to cut materials such as tile, curve or other complex trajectory.For this is great tool «RotoZip».With it you can cut it out a circle in any sturdy material, such as tile or porcelain stoneware.


tool RotoZip During operation, it is necessary to keep the tool away from the face.Do not block the vents during operation - it leads to the engine overheating of the instrument.It is strictly prohibited to work near electrical wires to prevent short circuits and the impact of electricity per person.

tool operates using the principle of rotation, so there is light at the cutting thrust aside.A slow operation, the tool is easier to control, and the work is performed accurately.During operation, the tool head is very hot, and the service life is reduced.

Installation and removal of the guide block

guide unit consists of a bracket, locking screw and the guide plate.To remove the plate, you must unlock the clamping lever and remove the unit fr

om the tool.To return the guide block in place, it is mounted on the block and lock ring.


Before installing the drill you need to click the lock shaft and hold it.At the same time it is necessary to rotate the spindle by hand until the lock fails.In no case do not touch the button while the tool.

down the Lock button weakens the shaft collet nut and allows you to remove a drill to install a new one.New drill must be inserted as deeply as possible, but the cutting edges should not be in contact with the collet.Therefore liner should extend from the collet about 3 mm.After installing the drill tighten collet nut wrench, hold the shaft lock button.To avoid burns, do not touch to the Boers after use

Adjusting the depth

tool RotoZip guide plate tool is used to adjust the depth of cut.To adjust the depth, with a wrench, loosen the screw and sliding the plate up or down, set the depth of cut so that the drill performed at 5 mm from the material.After that you need to tighten the locking screw.

Enable / Disable Tool

On and off switch is done tool - a slider, which is located on the front of the motor housing.During power tool to keep both hands, as the tool can slip out of hand.

Job conventional cutters

Before cutting tile it must be securely fastened.Before sawing drill set at 45 ° and start drilling until the hole is not formed, then set the tool at an angle of 90 ° and a cut in the right direction, and the guide should move parallel to the work surface.After the end of cutting, turn off the tool and then gently pull the drill out of the material.For the convenience of the tool during operation to move smoothly, clockwise constantly pushing him.

Jobs diamond cutters

confidently holds the tool, carefully make a recess on the surface of brown material.Hold the tool at angle 45 °, gradually pushing, make a hole.Then set the drill at an angle of 90 ° and move the tool up and down, pointing a drill at the right trajectory.Tool movement up and down the drill cool and prolongs its life.While working with the tool, it is important to drill to cut off parts do not fall.

Care tool

tool should always be kept clean.Do not clean the holes with a sharp object, it is recommended to use compressed air.When cleaning the instrument can not be used chlorinated cleaners, gasoline, household cleaners containing ammonia.Handle tools should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

during cleaning to prevent self unplug the tool from the outlet