Clean water and sanitation in a country house

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05 May 2016

Drinking water

In order to achieve absolute certainty that the water obtained from wells, is safe and suitable for drinking, is currently used by a lot of different water treatment devices and tools.More us are familiar with them, Alexander Mironenko, executive director of the drill.

Water from wells

first thing after drilling the water from it is recommended to hand over a detailed analysis.This is not just a fad: in the water, which is extracted from wells can contain a huge amount of various impurities, which not only spoil the taste, but also a negative effect on the human body.

After the analysis of the water is ready, experienced technologist easily pick up water purification equipment needed to bring the water to drinking standards.

Water Treatment

Consider the process of water purification and some of the mechanisms used for a specific example of a country house.As it is installed with several levels of water purification.

first case the water is saturated with oxygen .Used for this compressor aeration column.

Then the water passes through the system deferrization , consisting of two cylinders (duplex system).Use of this system is due to the requirement of continuity.Also in this system consists of two iron oxidizer tank.In our case, as the oxidizing agent used potassium permanganate.The main thing here - to closely monitor the fact that the cistern was always manganese.

next step on the way water is duplex cascade of water softening two salt tanks.As the water softener uses pelletized salt, which are filled with salt tanks.

And at the end of the way the water passes through the carbon filter cartridge, which gives the water organometricheskie properties , ie taste.


There are several traditional ways of solving the problem of sewage in suburban homes.About them we Bakhin says Alexander, engineer of sewage.

Consider the three most common kinds of treatment plants.

Sump. most popular form, which can be set but not everywhere.Maintenance of such facilities requires constant pumping sewage.Cleaning is in fact not happening whatsoever.

Septic .He usually presents two wells.Treated water quality in this setting, about 60-70%, which is still not a good enough result.

Sewage treatment plant for complete biological treatment .Unlike conventional septic tank, the system is volatile, due to which is much higher quality wastewater treatment.

There are several variations of such installations.When selecting the most suitable option for each individual case are taken into account the following criteria:

  • number of people who will be staying in the house;
  • maximum number of people in the house;
  • number of toilets;
  • equipment each bathroom.

also need to know whether out samot—Ďchnaya sewer pipe foundation and if it turns out at what depth;as well as the distance from the treatment plant to the point of withdrawal of sewage out of the house.

principle of operation of such a facility simplistically as follows: wastewater treatment system after going to fall in the waiting room, where at least fill in small portions thrown into a ditch with the help of the drain pump.

additional devices do not have to buy more, but each installation requires a special service: with constant use every 3 months must be pumped from the plant surplus sludge.

Summarizing, we can say that the heavy buckets and latrines increasingly confident dislodged by new technologies, and with the right approach to live in a country house can be just as comfortable as in a city apartment.

express our gratitude to the company "BIIKS" and personally Alexander and Bahini Alexander Mironenko

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