Multifunctional Spade

By Admin | Tools
18 April 2016

Ortovox The company specializes in the production of equipment for skiing.However, based on sketches made by her design studio FRACKENPOHL POULHEIM shovel skier for rescue Grizzly will be useful for homeowners who want to quickly and easily clear the space around the house from the bulk of the snow the night.

It would seem that you can still come up with a conventional shovel.But if we consider this device close, the reasonableness of its versatility becomes evident.

cutting part shovel with a sharp blade made of aluminum, easily cuts even in the most dense snowpack.

peculiarity of spades is an innovative folding mechanism, which allows in seconds lead a spade into the willingness to work, and it is also easy to fold for easy transport and storage.

In addition, folding arm-stalk can be fixed at a right angle, so the shovel is transformed into a pick, which is convenient to split the ice.

Shovel Grizzly comes in two flavors: Grizzly I has a handle normal length (37cm) with a T-shaped gripper, whi

le at the sports model Grizzly II telescopic handle with D-shaped grip.

Sharing has an oval cross-section, which helps to maximize usability.Additionally equipped with a non-slip handle of the strap.

At the top of the handle with a clamping bolt is located button folding mechanism that automatically set the knob to the desired position.

Specifications Grizzly I

  • cutting part: aluminum, 28 cm x 21 cm x 5 cm;
  • Sharing: aluminum, 37 cm;
  • Weight: 590 g;
  • Warranty: 5 years;
  • Optional: T-shaped grip, antislip strap, quick folding mechanism, ax function.

Specifications Grizzly II

  • cutting part: aluminum, 33 cm x 24 cm x 5 cm;
  • Sharing: aluminum, 47 cm (66 cm);
  • Weight: 790 g;
  • Warranty: 5 years;
  • Extras: D-shaped grip telescopic handle, antislip strap, quick folding mechanism, ax function.