Chainsaw or electric saw, what to buy and when to use?

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18 April 2016
you - the owner of your own home with a fireplace or wood burning stove, caring for the garden and even planning to build a bathhouse?Then the issue of buying a reliable saws, sooner or later you will face.

make something simple or cut thin branches can be, of course, using an ordinary handsaw or ax.But if the woodwork you perform often, without electricity or chainsaws can not do.The question is only which one to choose.Let's try to do it, considering all the advantages and disadvantages of both instruments.

power supply, mobility

This feature - the main difference between the two types of saws.Power saw is powered by electricity, so you can buy it only if you have the opportunity to connect the instrument to an electrical outlet.

Plus is easy manipulation - turn on / off, lack of - the presence of the cord.When sawing wood near the house, he will not be a hindrance, but may be difficult if you want to process the entire area and, in addition, actively move: need to buy an extension cord of sever
al tens of meters, make sure that you do not accidentally damage the cord.

Portability - weighty advantage chainsaw: you can freely move around the site or go to the forest for firewood.It will gain if in the countryside there are jumps in the power (sometimes voltage drops to 150-180 V).Another strong argument in favor of the chainsaw - the ability to take it to the raid or fishing.

power and possibilities

Some forum users say such positive characteristics of electric saws, the weight and compactness.Note, however, that the saws on the parameters related to domestic instruments.Therefore, they can not compare with professional or semi-professional chainsaws and also household.In this case, the size and capacity of both types of drink to be approximately the same.

professional and semi-professional chainsaw is much more powerful than any electric saws.

If you often work with dense or thick tree, it is better to use a chainsaw.Power saw is more suitable for construction work.Those who regularly use an electric saw, say that it turns smoothly regulated, while the chainsaw is often bogged down, slice it turns crooked, it is inconvenient to saw thin boards or cutting wood along.

Engine power saws should cool down after 15-20 minutes of work, some models of chainsaws can withstand the load 8 hours or more without a break.

Burov Anne, the garden tool specialist store calls another advantage of power saws - the ability to choose a model with a longitudinal or transverse engine.It is believed that the former are more balanced operation.If you, for example, figure cut will not interfere with the protruding side engine.

working conditions

«With an electric saw to cut will not go in bad weather" - defended his point of view, a forumchanin."Who will cut in bad weather?" - Retorted the other.And meanwhile, this dispute reveals a crucial feature of the two instruments - the dependence of their work on the weather.

saws can not be used in places with high humidity, rain and snow.With a chainsaw, you can work in almost any weather, even on the big frost, although users report that there may be problems with the launch.

Usability and environmental

Many consumers buy a power saw because of convenience: it is less noisy and vibrate, and therefore the person experiences less stress, can run longer.It is important that the electric saw does not emit exhaust gases, in contrast to the chainsaw.Because of this power saw can be a healthy way to use even in confined and unventilated spaces.

saws Supporters also note that her work will not need to prepare the fuel mixture, measure the number of components, monitor their quality.Some are afraid of the more complex manipulations with a chainsaw, he says, it is difficult to make, it requires more technical expertise.

In fact, the start sequence petrol engines is not so difficult.After reviewing the videos on the site, you can easily perform these manipulations yourself, especially since many of the tools are equipped with easy start.

cost and expenses

For many, an important indicator of when buying a saw is its cost.Prices for saws below its cost of petrol "brothers."It is also more economical in power saw operation: Electricity is cheaper than gasoline, so the saw requires less spare parts and consumables will not have to deal with the smell of gasoline from clothing.

Do not get too save on the instrument or in the engine oil, buy a high-quality and well-known manufacturers: the higher price - a guarantee of reliability.


the basic rules of working with electric chain saws and says the garden tool specialist Anna Burov.


to work you need to prepare a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke oil in the proportions indicated on the container.For convenience, many manufacturers produce special canisters risks, which represent the percentage of oil per liter of gasoline.The mixture is kept for about a week.We recommend using 92 octane petrol.

sure to use when working oil for the chain, it provides easy propyl, rapid removal of sawdust from the cutting element, a long service life of the tire and chain.Oil consumption - about one reservoir tank 2 the fuel mixture.

Power saw

also used oil for the chain, one filling is enough for about 40-50 minutes.operation.If electric saw enough to follow the chain tension and the level of oil for its lubricant, then chainsaws and follow the necessary lubrication of the engine.

All models are equipped with power saws cable no more than 0.5 meters in order to avoid hitting the power connection on a wet ground or water (puddle).If the cable is about 5 meters, it shall be included in the network directly without any extension.

most common breakdown is jammed chain.If the chain is clamped, stop the engine, raise or change the position of the log.Do not pull the tool to release the chain.Otherwise, the repair can not be avoided.

Do not overheat the engine power saws.Approximate time permanent job - 15-20 minutes.

When working with an electric saw not press down on the bus, saw should smoothly go into the tree trunk.If it is difficult, perhaps the chain is worn or dust stuck in the tire, preventing rotation.

perform work, loosen the chain cools, it contracts and may damage the bus, star and bearings of the crankshaft of the engine.

Conclusions Despite the fact that the electricity and use a chainsaw with one purpose - to cut wood, they are designed for different jobs and working conditions.Power saw is indispensable in confined spaces, a chainsaw can be used only in open space.The latter is also used for professional work.

Listen to the advice of a specialist, and you chose gardening equipment will bring only pleasure from work and last a long time.

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