Homemade tools: cleaver, mixer, anchor truck

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17 April 2016

While some tools, it is difficult to produce, better to buy in the shops in the first place - to protect themselves, others, according to forum users, is not difficult to make yourself.


manufacture of various art forum member old man with a long tradition.Long before the broad market introduction of foreign products he did for the children snowmobiles, motorcycles, mopeds and mini-cars in just a few days off.The inventor proposes to work on wood splitters, which will save you from exhausting manual work chopping wood with an ax or cleaver.

So how to buy good wood for heating the bath in their area was difficult, the old man decided to make the device, seen in one of the foreign sites on their own.The device is designed is very simple: screw the threaded chain drive motor 4-htakny about 9 l / 400 cu.cm (before was 200 cu. cm, 6,5 l / s), the transfer from the bike, two bearings.The drive is carried out by gas pedal - ordinary sticks with rope: Click on it to increase or decrease speed.

most difficult and unusual piece is threaded cone.The old man made a turner, first produced the cone, and then it sliced ​​resistant (left) thread.The right-hand threads on the lathe made from right to left and left - from left to right.Since the thread is cut on the cone to avoid crease tool, it is better to do left-hand thread.Her step is automatically installed on the machine and feed the thread cutter to the height of the thread is carried out manually.In view of the fact that the cone comes to "no" on the cutting edge can occur hall.Therefore, the beginning of the master patch up the thread rhombic file.

When the threaded cone is ready, it is put on the shaft mounted in bearings.On one side of the flange is attached with an asterisk (from the rear wheel moped or motorcycle).

Cone better fix on the shaft by a pin (for example, use a screw M8).If you do not have time to add a gas engine or stumble on the hard wood near the butt, taper can jam in the logs.In this case, you take out the pin and a large pipe wrench to turn out a cone of logs.Otherwise you will have to remove the chain, ascrank shaft of the engine in the opposite direction will not always.

between the motor and the shaft of the old man set spacer eviction from the pipes and two nuts, with her help, he pulled the chain.On the table, I went to the door of the old rustic planks - her legs were bolted iron.As a support for the shaft bearing can be used by cardan car - along with the bearings you buy them cheaply in any auto.

Some of the firewood is used for electric power 2-3 kW.Such a single-phase device exists in the economy not at all.The old man recommended by the engine walking tractor - it is easy to remove, and it did not take long.

for manufacturing cone The old man had paid 2000 rubles for the shaft - five hundred.Everything else was found in the garage.

When working on drilling machines observe elementary safety precautions: work without gloves and mittens, without bandages on his fingers and palms, with buttoned buttons on jackets and cuffs.

Members Active argues that with this, you can chop the firewood and construction debris with nails and staples that make the ax is very difficult.Oh and work with wood - a pleasure: the work goes quickly, but about fatigue and back pain the next morning you can forget.

Mixer driven by a drill-mixer

Member Forum blg771 built from concrete mixer drums.First, I put on the washing machine motor through pulleys on the gear from Bendix, with him - on a self-made flywheel mounted on the barrel.Last rotates on the front trunnion "Niva".

Since after a short stint at boot eight shovels SPLG motor will overheat thermal switch, the owner decided to try a two-speed drill 750 W - twist was much better.The design remade: a drill mixer set for 1300 watts.

Photographs: drill with paddle and drive hub circumcised.

materials used

Such a device will cost inexpensive: a barrel and spigot with hub forumchanin got free, but the barrel can be bought for 500 rubles., And a pin with the hub or take on front-wheel drive car.The grenade is used instead of a pin bolt 16: Members of his welded to the hub on the outside, where the cone washer.If necessary, the barrel can be easily removed with a flywheel.Drill mixer - 2150 rubles.The mixer can be removed and used for its intended purpose.

Overturning host first made as to the purchased concrete mixers, but the design was very heavy.It had to change, but in this embodiment, has its drawbacks: it is necessary to use a long lever.Concrete mixers blg771 will still remake: Rising above the axis of rotation, to do a 360 degrees horizontally, facilitate frame.

Homemade mixer has an advantage over the purchase-: SPLG can be filled into the fixed drum - no need to keep on weight.

Photographs: Mount Kit for mounting studs and drills;flexible coupling and adjustable hinge tipping.

Conclusions Operating

output mix - 60-70 liters.A convenient option was adjustment of turns: it prevented blg771 solution for masonry 22 vol. / Min., It turned out fine.

owner poured the foundation for the bath for 2 cubes: about 1.3 cube of concrete, the rest - bottles.Loading two buckets, a little scrolled to SPLG went to the bottom (it was inconvenient to pour).Two more buckets again replayed.Again, two buckets, and then included in the permanent work (water, cement, etc.).Six buckets SPLG starts easily.

engine is not heated, but very noisy mixer and the horizontal position of the barrel, if the mixture is very dry, hard turns.The angular velocity of the barrel - 25-28 / min.Barrel twists through the flywheel gear ratio of 1:16.In order to use the engine at full power, it can be an additional transmission of 1: 2.

anchor truck

Tri.Dr.E manufactured homemade anchor truck from drill "Rebir" 2 kW (about 4800 rubles.) And screw about 30 cm (6000 rub.).Diameter of the drill - 25.4 mm from drill - the third cone, without a lathe can not do.They did an adapter on the one hand deepen - 25.4 mm (possible 25) on the other - 26 mm.The owner bought the drill bit 26 mm with the third cone, cut off part of the drilling and welded into the adapter.

detected problems

After all connected and experienced, I realized that to keep the device in a vertical position will not work, and when drilling below one meter not lift it if clay.Sometimes, as Zabur that will not budge from their seats.In addition, in the drill body - from plastic.Despite the fact that there is a second metallic handle when drilling curved plastic.


After several unsuccessful trial drilling was decided to make the drilling machine.I had to buy an electric winch with 500 kg (4,000 rbl.).When she lifted the carriage with a screw, drill and clay Area 50h50h5 arched.

for deep drilling Tri.Dr.E use an extension of the conventional steel pipe.To prevent damage to drill in contact with the stone (once broke the gearbox), adapted pieces of nail 5: in which case, cut it.When used in this drill needs work - installation of a radiator on the thyristor (controlled circulation), nominally it is not there.

Operating experience

With Auger was constructed pier foundation with the raft.The soil was a difficult land, then clay, then a lens with a beach sand, clay and sand again, and in the end even the blue clay, which could drill only slightly Zabur need pipe for the passage of sand and water.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"