New chopper branches: get rid of garbage and garnish site!

By Admin | Tools
17 April 2016

What to do if the tree has withered away?Of course, to cut it.And then the next question is where to put the garbage plant?Stake in the land, to throw or re-use?The answer to it gives the manufacturer «MasterYard», represented in the current year chippers Devor El 2500.

This versatile tool makes it easy to take care of the garden.He will solve all problems for waste vegetable waste, whether it is grass or branches of bushes and trees.Devor El 2500 quickly crush and grind all traces of plants, leaves and other organic matter.

shredder plants you can use in the production of compost or as biootsypki for trees and flower beds.Thus, you will enrich the soil with nutrients and improve its structure.And that's not all!Sprinkle shredded sliver beds - and you prevent the growth of weeds on them.Touch up a chip - and you can beautifully decorate your site.

tool differs patented system combined grinding.Thanks to the branches and bark are dual processing: one sharp blade cuts the waste another - breaks in

to small pieces.

discharge chute is high, allowing to unload crushed material directly into a truck, trailer or container.This frees you from the extra work to clean workplace.After removing the discharge chute, the machine can be placed for storage, even in a small space.

Electric chopper from MasterYard equipped with a powerful engine of 2500 watts, who silently cope with branches up to 3.5 cm in diameter. This machine will reduce the volume of garden waste tenfold.It will not annoy you a great noise emission or emissions.It is not necessary to fill the fuel and oil.

take care manufacturer and no risk of injury.If the chopper hatch through which waste is removed jammed open, the active safety system will shut off the engine.No danger of your fingers and a narrow hopper is designed so that the hand of the operator does not touch the blades of the machine.

MasterYard Devor El: now to grind plant debris, enough to make only one move.Remaining after the processing of the garden or mowing the waste is no longer a problem!