Grinding and cutting machines

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16 April 2016

We have repeatedly said in a report on the selection and use of hand-held power tool for a variety of jobs around the house and the cottage.So we studied the number 20 "Woodworking tools", № 25, was devoted to "chainsaw, their selection and maintenance and repair."At number 42, we considered "Screwdrivers, drills, hammers," and number 46 was dedicated to the "disk saws and jigsaws."Now we talk about grinders and cutting tool.

One of the most popular and versatile in the use of hand-held power tools angle grinder or a so-called "Bulgarian".The theme of "Choice" Bulgarian "" will help you navigate the market LBM, learn about customer feedback online by using the tools from different vendors.

"Bulgarian" if misused is not the safest tool.And so if you do not have sufficient experience of ownership of the machine, be sure to look into the topic "The question of working with grinder."

quality drive will provide you not only high performance at work, but also will be a guarantor of security.Select driv

es to meet the recommendations of the forum users for their use will help topic "Cut-Off Wheels What use?"

second in popularity, power and performance among grinders - "Belt sanders."

With a choice of grinders, as well as the experience of our members of the forum Operating LSM different manufacturers and models, you can explore the topic "LSM return" dead "" and "Belt Sander."

sanding wooden houses - one of the types of finishes that can not be avoided, as well as avoiding the use with the Sanders.The topic "Choosing a grinder for bar" will help you determine the type of tool to obtain the highest quality results during grinding work.

Now to cutting work related to metal.First, consider a tool that is required for roofing.And here we are to help the theme "The cut metal tiles?".

During construction works on the site, related to both the landscaping (construction of the fence, small buildings) and with the construction of the house, it is often necessary to carry out work on cutting steel and metal pipes.We hope that the theme of " The cut metal and pipes? " will help you find the answer to this question.