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16 April 2016

Chainsaw - tool is the most popular among all the woodworking tools, due to their mobility and productivity while working at a construction site, for raschistitelnyh works and sanitation scrap in the garden.Chains and other headset for chainsaws, fuel mixture and a lubricating oil for chains, maintenance and repairs - nothing will remain without a review of our attention.

Choosing a chainsaw and the basics of its operation - instruction is a topic that will help you navigate the selection of the type and capacity of the chain saw, saw sets, depending on your tasks and volumes of work with wood.Discuss the same brand, capacity, cost and performance chainsaws, you can address the issue of " How to choose a chainsaw."

How long will serve you a tool depends, among other things, on the quality of the fuel mixture.To avoid a service call after first working with a chainsaw, we recommend you get acquainted with the subject "How to fill the fuel chainsaw" .

to work in the midst of you have not pr

oved without any possibility to continue, you need to think in advance about the acquisition of supplies and funds for the care of chainsaws.In the topic " What to buy with a chainsaw " you will find answers to their questions.

How long will you depend on the tool including the quality of the fuel mixture.In order to avoid recourse to servistsentr after first working with a chainsaw, we recommend you get acquainted with the theme of " How fuel refuel a chainsaw ".

The topic " chain saws for " You can read about the choice of the chain, identify emerging issues with chains and their elimination at different intensities with a chainsaw. How to sharpen the chain?With the help of a tool?Is there a need to resort to automatic sharpening chain.And as the rational use of time and resources when referring to specialists in sharpening ... All these questions are answered by the theme " Sharpening chain "

To prolong the life of your instrument, as we have said above, is of great importance as a fuelmix and quality of oil and lubricants organized system chain saws .As well as the regular then in accordance with the instructions for the instrument.

Which oil is best used in the winter time?And is there a significant difference in the use of the same grade of oil for both winter and summer?These questions will be answered theme " Winter chain oil "

needed if "running" chainsaw or a myth, inherited from working with tools, gone into oblivion series and models?To talk about this topic in the " Correct engine running ".

With information on the most popular saws, detailed, operating instructions, with photos and video instructions for their operation and maintenance, with the most frequently asked questions and answers to them you can meet in the subject "FAQ. Repairs on their own petroland power saws ".
Discussion breakdowns chainsaws, their causes and self-help, you will find in the forum thread " Repair your hands ".

Sometimes it is very important, without breaking the rules of the forum, to talk informally on the topic that interests you.About everything and about nothing, just talk.We understand you and these cases have created the theme " Flood and chatter of saws "

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