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By Admin | Heating
02 May 2016

One major advantage of the shop is that the price it below market at least 10%!

Today manufacturer is pleased to present to its customers a unique product that will make your life even better - it is a novelty in the series of the sexes "Teplolux"!

Teplolux ProfiRoll and Teplolux ProfiMat - brand new heated floors, who came to Russia not so long ago, but have already gained a lot of popularity!The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on its products, which are available in limited quantities.

basis underfloor "Teplolux" is a two-core heating cable with a fine structure and a thickness of not more than 3.5 mm.

Warm floors "Teplolux" perfect for heating of premises such as apartments, houses, cottages and all types of premises.If you do not plan to use flooring from materials such as stone, tile and others, the manufacturer recommends that the floor be laid in mortar.

absolutely new and modern technology embodied in a series of gender "Teplolux ProfiRoll» and «Teplolux ProfiMat»:

  • new, more qualitative and reliable materials;
  • advanced cable design and couplings;
  • latest technology of fastening the cable to the heating mat.

Distinctive advantages of underfloor heating company "Teplolux»:

  • Free step cable management allows for even heat distribution across the floor.If you want to achieve the highest heat transfer, it is necessary to reduce the step (for example, in cold rooms).In warm areas is to increase the step coverage of a larger area.
  • ensure absolute electrical safety and improved protection against electromagnetic fields is due to the screening of alyumolavsana used in cable construction.Due
  • chemically crosslinkable polyethylene, which is made of a heating cable insulation improvers section.A to increase its lifetime of the heating cable sheath is made from a polymeric material having a high heat resistance.

unique ribbed sleeves, which are used in the design of underfloor heating, have a high mechanical resistance, increased heat dissipation and have longer life.


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