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02 May 2016

Polypropylene is a colorless crystalline substance.In its natural form it is translucent, but can easily be colored by the addition of various pigments.For the production of local treatment facilities GK "Topol-ECO» ® uses the following types of polypropylene: foam, homogenous, composite and polypropylene produced by plasticizing.


tell us briefly about the main types of polypropylene.

homogeneous polypropylene - it is uniform in composition and properties of the sheet.They are made of reinforced polypropylene by extrusion with the addition of the dye to Add and gives the sheet the desired color, and other additives regulating material properties.


Expanded Polypropylene - is a porous polypropylene with a cellular structure.It is obtained by adding in the production of polypropylene granules special chemical blowing agent.

integral or composite polypropylene - three layers.The top and bottom panels - homogeneous, and between them is a foam layer.With the strength of a

homogeneous polypropylene three-layer polypropylene lighter (a density of 0.72 - 0.76 g / cm³, and the density of a homogenous polypropylene - 0.92 g / cc).


Polypropylene produced by plasticizing , - is corrugated wall panel thickness of 80 mm.These sheets are made on injection molding machines: 230 ° C before the molten material is forced under high pressure into a mold in which the item receives the desired shape and cooled.Sheets of 80 mm thickness is used for the bottom of the treatment plant, rippled structure allows them to compensate for the pressure of the water and soil.



During production of polypropylene pellets used UV protection.Sheets with the addition of these granules are used to manufacture the upper part of the treatment plant and the process of the hatch.Due to the granules, sheets of polypropylene to a lesser extent subjected to discoloration and degradation due to solar ultraviolet radiation.



polypropylene used for the production of raw materials of leading Russian and international oil companies, such as "Sibur", "Bashneft», Shell and others. The main feature of the polypropylene produced by GK "Topol-ECO» ®, is itshigh quality.Technical Control Department monitors the production of sewage treatment plants in all stages from receipt of polypropylene granules prior to the release of the treatment plant to the warehouse of finished products.

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