Septic tank of reinforced concrete rings

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02 May 2016

Given that the house will live five people.Dmitry thought about the design and construction of the scheme sketched in two versions.Validating decided that it would hold a single-chamber septic tank with the second chamber - the well screen.

stopped on the second option, the owner of the spring set to work.I bought three wall w / w of the ring KS 20-9 and one - KS15-6 with slab floors PP15-1.To save one ring decided to saw along the receiving chamber depth in half rings.Volume 4 of the cube with a little more than enough.

defined the location of the treatment plant and sawn ring, Dmitry started digging.Black earth immediately taken out to the garden.Pit planned depth of 2.2-2.3 m, but at a depth of 1.8 m the owner of a sudden came across clay.Since it did not want to mess around like litter the ground water, so he decided not to put half of the ring, and one by one.

before pressing of the button hole to allow enough room under the excavated soil.It is more than you expect.If Dmitry not exporte

d land in the garden, it would be nowhere to put it.

Mounting rings

Ring Set with a crane about two hours.

To sawn ring was missing, Dmitri used it to filter the well, put the two halves, separated by concrete bricks with a "window".The whole ring left.

Bricks were sawn from the concrete slab 10 cm thick. Now the well screen will not need to drill holes.Since the levels it was difficult to guess at the total ring had to enclose the same building blocks, prepared in advance.

around the second chamber Dmitry poured gravel of different factions.It took about two cubes.The pit with a diameter of one meter wider than the ring was dug in advance.In the second pit forumchanin outlet pipe made from the tee.She was assigned for gravel and muted.If after 5-10 years, all have to do zakolmatiruetsya and leach field, Dmitry will find it.Gravel covered with roofing material to protect it from the sand.


Dmitry began to erect formwork.She had to make then pull through a hatch with a diameter of 70 cm. Members Active chipboard sawed crescent sawed it into three parts of 66 cm and sealed with boards.

However, a minute later pulled the screws and everything collapsed into the pit.I had to make a stand, and then put the formwork.The second time it worked out.To save chipboard for the second well, she wrapped her stretch-film.The gap between the well and the formwork zapenil.Frame reinforcement was made two rods D16, two - D14, D10 put across the top.

Side formwork in a circle made from strips to limit the vegetable beds 20 cm wide. She obvernul concrete ring, leaving a 5 cm overlap. He pulled on the rope, pinning formwork.To the valve is not lying on the formwork, under it put a cork on the bottle.


Dmitry estimated that the two overlap and the bottom will take about concrete cube.The solution to the first cover he prevented manually.The thickness of the cover is 15 cm. Sometimes forumchanin sorry that did not buy a ring with two floors full well.However, they would have cost considerably more expensive.

Later there was another problem.Because of the different levels of the bottom of the wells in the filtration and bricks, were in the top 20 cm of the first to build a well.To do this, from a whole host of KS20-9 rings sawed off a Romanian ring height of 22 cm. From a sawed sector and put in place.Part of the sawn-off sector Dmitri used for internal partitions.

bottom and the second cover forumchanin been flooded by a cement mixer.At the bottom of the pit has done for pumping liquids.During construction they happened not once use: it rained.Then he was laid pipes and tees.Lead pipes were two bathrooms, one for summer near the septic tank, the second - for the future of the house.Joints and seams waterproofed septic Dmitry mastic asphalt.


construction of a septic tank at a cost of $ 600-650.Some materials were available (part valves), got some free (trailer gravel - enough to dumping and concrete) or less (b sunroof / y), and the rest had to buy.Almost all work performed Dmitry own, sometimes helped by friends and relatives.

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