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15 April 2016

Choice electroplane, milling cutters and for their assistance in the development of these tools, and correction of errors when dealing with them, workplace organization, the choice of woodworking machines - all this you will find the topics of our newsletter.

most common carpenter's tool, probably the plane.Since it started upgrading rough wood.With a choice of power planners and we will begin our review.

What if elektrorubanok loses its effectiveness will tell you the theme of "Knife electroplane."

In the topic "electric plane. Terms and correction of errors", you will learn how to work electroplane and how to avoid problems in working with them.

If you acquired a taste for working with wood, if you feel the strength to independently perform more complex work with him, for example, to produce windows, doors and even furniture, then you need the "Fraser".

But few have a good instrument requires a set of high-quality milling cutters and knowledge of what used to achieve the desired result to you.

The theme "for router cutters" will help you in e that.

Often the quality of work depends on the proper organization of the workplace.The theme of "Making the milling table " will be useful to those who decided to devote more time to the art of carpentry.

joinery nice to have a small shop, but if this is not possible, find a place even under the " Homemade Workbench ".

If you decided to seriously go to work independently with a tree, you need a mandatory but good " Woodworking Machine ".

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