Operation of autonomous sewerage

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01 May 2016

Jobs wastewater treatment plant is fully automated and does not require daily maintenance.It is only necessary from time to time to monitor the correctness of her work visually by opening the cover.

service installation can be carried out on their own: it is enough to roughly once a quarter to pump accumulated during the operation of the treatment plant waste sludge, which later can be used to fertilize the lawn, non-bearing shrubs and trees or put in the compost.Also during the maintenance necessary to clean the pump filter and airlifts major factions in the receiving chamber, remove unprocessed waste using stainless steel sieves.

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Once a year, you need to clean the air compressor, and every 2 years - replace the diaphragm compressors (in the company of "Topol-ECO" is a spare set in a gift with purchase WWTP).

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When using battery drainage is necessary to observe some rules: Do not discharge at a time the volume of water g

reater than that provided by a model sewage treatment plant;Do not discharge wastewater with toxic substances (antibiotics, strong acids, chlorine), so as not to disrupt the biochemical balance of the cleaning system, and biologically insoluble suspension, polluting system: personal hygiene products, cigarette butts, sand, bags, etc.

Operation of autonomous sewerage is very simple, but if you want to entrust it to the professionals, you can enter into a contract for maintenance of the treatment plant.Service Center "Topol-Eco" carries out a full range of maintenance treatment facilities made by the company throughout its life.The optimal time of signing the document - the first three months since the start of the installation.If the contract is concluded at the end of this period, the company's specialists carried out a preparatory pre-installation maintenance before directing it to the service.When a contract for service with the company "Topol-ECO" You do not need to control the order and terms of service.The company's specialists "Topol-ECO" will keep track of when you need to carry out regular maintenance of your installation, and pre-negotiate with you the date and time.

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You can choose the most convenient form of service:

  • annual service requires the necessary works once in three months for a year, after which the contract by the customer shall be extended for the next year.
  • Seasonal maintenance is carried out if you live in the country seasonally.In this case, the setting is preserved for winter, spring made its re-entry and start.In addition, experts are coming every summer for proftehobsluzhivaniya.
  • You can also book a one-time check-out service experts to carry out all the necessary work.

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The program service of the autonomous sewerage services typically include checking compressor tuning system components, equipment with carrying out audits of preventive measures designed to maintain the station.Experts also monitored parameters of the system, pumping sludge waste, depending on the version of the signed contract, the service can be disposed of sludge, or leave it on the site of the customer to be used as fertilizer after composting.The contract specialist travels to the case of non-standard situations faults.

Remember that the professional maintenance of the treatment plant saves your time and energy and prolongs its service life!For all service issues, please contact "Topol-ECO" tel.+7 (495) 789-69-37.

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