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01 May 2016

is believed that heating the house a warm floor - utopian idea for the Russian climate.Many experts believe that in such a harsh environment with the help of the heating can not be a good warm up all the rooms.Yet, the experience of many truckers suggests otherwise.Homeowners note that even with a 30-degree frost in their home warm and comfortable, despite the complete absence of radiators.However, you can not say about all the houses sometimes, in parallel with the TA still have to install and traditional batteries.

adherents heating is underfloor heating and kadr229.Members Active tells how after a long study of the topic and preparation he began, finally, to the installation of floor heating.

The bathroom, hall and kitchen the owner was putting TA leveling screed, drenched ground, because in these areas had the opportunity to shrink.The other rooms were working on the slab.

first for roughing screed in two layers with a thickness of 30 mm was Fitted with a heater.Stitches sizing conventional ta

pe.The sheets are not "walked», kadr229 poppet plugs attached them (fungi), paying particular attention to the future location of the beacon.

Since much experience in the layout of pipes in the host did not have, at a pre-prepared scheme he raschertil layout for extruded polystyrene and laid masonry reinforcement mesh.Was selected with the cell chetyrehmillimetrovaya 200x200, map - 2x3 m. Arrange for lined pipe lines was not difficult.

Spend time on the layout!It will help you in the installation of floor heating pipes.

forumchanin pipes laid out one of the most popular ways - bifilar.It is also called "snail", or "spiral.This method of laying the pipe flow and return alternate.As a result, the entire surface of the floor creates the same temperature pattern and hence floor uniformly warmed.

second method of laying - meander ("zigzag" or "snake").In this case, the hot water enters the circuit is usually situated at the outer wall of the room, and gradually cooled as it flows through the pipes.Therefore, at the beginning of the coil temperature is higher and, consequently, more heat transfer.Further inland areas surface temperature TP is reduced.To correct the uneven distribution of heat, it is recommended to lay the double loop snake or increase the capacity of the pump.

The room where the work was conducted, kadr229 two loops laid out in increments of 20 cm. Near the windows to compensate for heat loss, 15 cm tube, he secured to the grid with plastic collars.

In places where the grid is lifted, the owner secured it to Epps.

Paving pipe TP through walls, forumchanin put them in a special heater.As a damper for insulation from the walls of the foam used kadr229 15th density.

Lighthouses host exhibited on own way: repelled level laser (you can use the normal level), attach the screws and set plaster beacons.As they were liquid, sketched on top of a little solution.

forumchanin pressure test done by a device made in five minutes.

Then fill the pipe with water drowned out the other end and motor compressor pumped into it six atmospheres.Wire Mesh slightly raised by small stones.Warm floor is ready for filling!

Finally kadr229 gathered collector node, leaving one free section for drying towels and two spare.It remains to connect the manifold to the boiler.

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