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14 April 2016

There are tools, say, daily necessities, building a house without which, with current technology, it seems impossible.And there are tools without which it would be quite possible to do, but their presence in the home studio and much easier to shorten the time as construction of the house, various buildings at the site, and further, smaller improvement works at home and local area.Some of them will be discussed today and will continue the story in the next newsletter category "Tools. Machinery. Appliances"

And the first tool that we will devote an entire block of our mailing list is "Neyler, he's nailing pnevmomolotok."Of course, it is possible to carry out work on the construction of a house or improvement of internal premises and using tools familiar yet our fathers and grandfathers, that is with a manual hammer.But as far as the work increases productivity, especially such as clapboard siding, imitation or timber blockhouse, laying parquet and wooden floor on the terrace, the construction of a wo

oden fence or deck in the garden, if it was used pnevmomolotok.

's just about installing linings / Blockhaus / simulation bar now and we'll talk.Which one is better to choose pnevmozabivnyh tools when working with these surfacing materials?Which tool is able to work with various types of fastening wire products without damaging shpuntovku?Answers to these questions will try to find the topic "Pneumatic mounting lining."If

held jobs require sufficient distance from the power source, for example, work with the wooden roof covering such as shingles or planed, then turned his attention to the theme "Cordless neylery."Perhaps the use of this tool would be the best solution to the issue in your case.

This section of our newsletter we will discuss the tools that will help implement a very time-consuming and troublesome work associated with painting volumetric objects such as a house or fence.Of course, brush or roller has not been canceled, but productivity when working with hand tools is much lower than when using a paint sprayer (gun).The feasibility of the purchase, which will be discussed in the topic of the same name.

you need to paint furniture, fence, house, car, or plaster walls?In this case, the topic "Compressor. His views. There are specialists?"It will help you to choose the necessary equipment, which not only will save up your time and physical costs of the work, but also help to achieve a high quality coating of paint or plaster.

situation, when the construction of the new site is in full swing, and the electricity is not connected, is found at every turn.And then the question arises: "How can I connect an electric compressor?", Which you will find the answer in the topic "The compressor and the generator. How can they make friends?"

majority of our members of the forum's motto "Do it yourself with your own hands!"So when we talk about the tools and techniques used in the construction and repair of houses, I always have in mind that it is useful to our rukodelnikam and greatly facilitate their physical stress of the work undertaken.How, for example, "Plastering shovel (pneumatic)."Who faced plaster works, one realizes that the dream of everyone, without losing the quality of the coating, to reduce the time and efforts when plastering.It should be more accustomed to "Mobile installation of plaster for plastering the walls."

At the end of construction, repair and home improvement, however, as in the works, accompanied by a large amount of dust, it is necessary to reflect on the "Choice of an industrial vacuum cleaner."He largely retain health to you and to those who will help you to produce works such as grinding, sawing, shtroblenie, and will also help in restoring order after the end of this work.

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