Choosing a drill on the advice of members of the forum

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14 April 2016

I would drill the wall to hang a shelf yes, advise what to do to choose a drill? think the user agree with the argument that it is often formulated as a question when it comes to buying such an indispensable tool in the construction as a drill.

How to start your selection?After one drill master is needed to drill a couple of holes in the wall built of aerated concrete , and the other to correct errors in wooden frame .

As practice shows, it is the type of work depends directly on the choice of instrument.And before you go to the store for purchase is necessary to understand what is able to do a drill?

modern drill - is a multifunctional power tool, with which you can perform a huge range of different work - drilling holes in wood, metal, brick and concrete.And the use of special nozzles can significantly expand the use of this tool - from mixing solutions and ending with grinding work.

If you urgently needed firewood, anchor truck or cement mixer, then in this article details explains how to make them yourself.

The main types of electric drills include:

  • Impact Drill. Besides the usual rotary motion, this drill can make back - translational motion - back and forth, the need for drilling of solid materials such as concrete or brick.

When working with wood, plastic and metal must disable this feature.

  • cordless drill .Allow to work in hard to reach places where no easy access to an electrical outlet.

Such drills have considerable weight and b of greater value.

  • Hammers. They are primarily intended for drilling concrete.The main difference from the impact drill punch - is the force of impact.At the gun, even the weakest - the value is not less than 1.5 J, while in the hammer drill, this figure does not exceed 0.5 J.

Note that hammer drill is not designed for continuous operation with includedShot function, as it leads to premature wear and failure mechanism of the drill.

But, what else you need to know when choosing a drill?Reviews user of our forum Python24 :

- Drill, like any other power tool, there are professional and consumer.The two major differences between the professional tool of domestic - is:

  1. mode.
  2. resource products.

For example, the drill can work in the maquila sector, where for many hours will be one and the same operation.Such work requires a professional drill, ensuring a long service life and high productivity.

same can be said about the drills, which are regularly used in professional construction, such as apartment buildings or private.

Python24 :

- Domestic same tool can not be used in this mode.A single switch drills should not exceed 5-7 minutes, with all power to the commutator motor does not like long work "vnatyag."

If stronger "pin" on the tool, it can lead to premature wear and failure.

When choosing a drill you need to know about how to mount the drill chuck.The design of the cartridge is of two types:

  • cam clip. This cartridge is made by special fixing tool turns the key that provides reliable fastening of the drill.

order for the key is not to lose in the electric cord features a special cut-out drills.

  • Keyless chuck. Enables rapid tool change, they say, one by hand.

The main drawback of the keyless chuck - drilling heavy materials, such as concrete, due to falling fine abrasive dust or lack of effort when tightening, can crank drill chuck.And when you buy a drill with the chuck should be preferred metal keyless chuck.

should pay attention to the presence of features such as drill:

  • speed controller. Allows smoothly change the speed of rotation, which allows the use of a drill as a screwdriver.
  • reverse. With it, you can change the direction of rotation, which is especially important if a drill is used as a screwdriver or a need to pull out prosverlёnnogo hole drill stuck in it.
  • Depth. special plate with markings in parallel patron.With depth gauge can monitor the drilling depth.

As for the power drill, our forumchanin Manag believes that for domestic use enough power drill approximately 500 watts.The opinion of another user (nick Offline Spdim) :

- power depends on the house in which you live and that you are going to drill - concrete, plasterboard or wood.Frankly, I prefer to have an apartment in a light punch capacity of about 1 kW with an adapter for conventional drill and screwdriver powerful.In giving a different picture.It is necessary and a good drill and a heavy hammer and screwdriver.

Python24 :

- Often people make the mistake of preferring, for example kilowatt slow speed drill and community purpose low-power, resourceful, professional, and for the same money.Explaining the fact that just bought a professional drill it more reliable and last longer.But if you start at a low speed drill to stir a solution to tile or metal drill, then those modes where kilowatt drill would work in such conditions for many years, low-power drill will wear out more quickly, which ultimately lead to its failure.

easiest drill 3,000 rpm and a power of 250-500 W, speed control, reverse, hammer mechanism and in most cases are only suitable for drilling small holes in wood and plastic.All other functions must be used with great limitations.It therefore should be considered the most versatile drilling capacity from 500 to 1000 watts.

Additional factors that affect the quality and functionality of the product:

  • side handles. keeps the drill with two hands, which greatly facilitates the work.
  • presence in the two-speed drill. With this function, you can switch from the high turnover low, which extends the functionality of the drill, allowing you to use it as a mixer for mixing solutions.
  • Metal gearbox - cools the drill mechanism is more efficient than made from plastic.

Summing total we can say that when choosing a drill should first focus on the area of ​​its application.And where you can get a simple and low-power model, do not use heavy professional drill.And ideally - for each type of work should apply its own view of the tool!

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