Benefits of autonomous sewerage

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30 April 2016

therefore important that treatment plants, on the one hand, fulfilled all the tasks assigned to it, and on the other - it was durable, reliable, easy to use and install and, of course, affordable.Modern systems autonomous sanitation, such as installation of "TOPAS" and "TOPAERO" from "Topol-ECO" meet all the above requirements and have a number of additional benefits.

Today, when it comes to washing things, hardly any mistress will make a choice in favor of our great-grandmothers used trough.In terms of cleanliness and the environment between the wooden toilet and autonomous sewage - is the same abyss.You do not need to invite assenizatorskaya car, buy bacteria, worry about odors, contamination of soil and groundwater.Environmental security - one of the main advantages of an autonomous sewer systems from the company "Topol-ECO."Effluent passing full biological treatment, treated at 98%.

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Corpus treatment facilities "TOPAS" and "TOPAERO" made of polypropylene, it is not subject t

o corrosion and deformation.This material is lightweight and durable, due to which treatment plant of polypropylene is very convenient for transportation and installation.

plants operate with no loss of quality of wastewater treatment, even in the harsh conditions of the Russian winter, it can not afford many other aeration systems, septic tank and a biofilter.

maintenance installations do not require a call headroom and expensive equipment for pumping.From now on, no need to have the treatment plant close to the access roads.Removal of waste sludge can be made both by the user by using the regular pump and service by experts of Group of Companies "Topol-ECO."

modern man is not the question, whether he needs a car.To get to the cottage, to deliver needed food and other things, or to export the crop is much more convenient to own transport.The difference between "indoor plumbing" and their disposal and opportunities offered by an autonomous sewer system, as great.

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Many fear that the cost of installation and assembly work on the device autonomous sewer slightly above the company cesspool.But we should not forget that the life of the autonomous sewer - from 25 years to 50 years.For comparison - the sinkhole is up to five years, septic tank - 10-15 years.

Table 1. Costs of local treatment facilities

Septic Tank / Septic drive with additional purification through filtration fields * (Tank) Autonomous sewage * (TOPAS)
cost of installing 15000 p.
(3 w / w of the ring, cover, bottom sealing)
36400 p.
(+ field of filtration, up to 5 people about 25 square meters)
79900 p.
installation and sanitation 20000 p. 86500 p.
(cement, sand, gravel, insulation, installation of filtration fields)
34000 p.
Delivery 50 km from Moscow 5500 p. 3500 p. 4500 p.
degree of purification 30-50% 60% - to filtration fields 98%
Lifetime ~ 3-5 years ~ 10 years & lt;50 years
TOTAL 40 500 p. 126,400 p. 118,400 p.
* Prices taken from official sources

When equipping autonomous sewer must understand that it has to last you not five or ten years, but much longer.Therefore, you should take into account the prolonged maintenance costs of various types of sewer systems.For a cesspool - a challenge assenizatorskaya car every two weeks, the need for thorough cleaning stony deposits.For septic tank - also pumping sewage, construction of filtration fields and periodic cleaning.

Table 2. Maintenance costs after 5 years of local treatment facilities

Septic Tank / Septic drive (Tank) Autonomous sewerage (TOPAS)
Replacing filtration fields because of its silting No filtration fields 86500 p.
(cement, sand, gravel, insulation, excavation, disposal of the old field)
No filtration fields
Call assenizatorskaya machines 1100 * 120 = 132 000 rub.
every 2 weeks
(over 5 years)
1100 * 10 = 11 000 rub.
every 3-6 months
(over 5 years)
not need to call the car assenizatorskaya
cleaning the bottom of the receiving tank and aeration tank of sludge required thorough cleaning with the fossilized sediments required thorough cleaning of the receiving chamber viewfossilized sediments process does not require special equipment, performed by the technical service of the company "Topol-ECO" or on their own with the help of domestic drainage pump
Replacement membrane compressor None None 1 time in 2 years.
1 Kit as a gift
2000 p.
Total maintenance costs for 5 years 132,000 p. 97500 p. 2000 p.

Table 3. Costs of service after 10 years of local treatment facilities

Septic Tank / Septic drive (Tank) Autonomous sewerage (TOPAS)
Replacing aerators for aeration elements None None 3000 * 2 = 6000 p.
(2 pieces)
replacement compressors None None 8847 * 2 = 17694 p.
(2 pieces)
Replacing filtration fields because of its silting No filtration fields 86500 p.
(cement, sand, gravel, insulation, excavation, disposal of old fields) - 2 times in 10 years
No filtration fields
Call assenizatorskaya machines 1100 * 240 = 132 000 rub.
every 2 weeks
(10 years)
1100 * 20 = 22 000 rub.
every 3-6 months
(10 years)
does not require specialized equipment
Total maintenance costs for 10 years 264,000 p. 195,000 p. 25694 p.

The tables show that the installation of a fully biological treatment (such as "TOPAS" and "TOPAERO") is much more economical than other types of local treatment facilities.

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