Think seven times, cut once!

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13 April 2016

Often, many even experienced users, when working with an angle grinder hope for "maybe".Thinking that much to them just do not happen, and therefore can be removed with a grinder guard and put a disc of larger diameter or work on angle grinders without protective goggles.All this can lead to tragic consequences.And experience shows that safety regulations written for a reason.And remember they will help you, our forum users.

real danger

According to our user with the nickname is online Blackk the most dangerous tools in construction, include a chain saw, a circular saw, and angle grinders, commonly called Bulgarian.


- You could say that the greatest number of injuries in construction is due to the improper handling of the tools listed above, and especially Bulgarian, so I suggest working with angle grinders to adhere to the following rules:

  • under any circumstances if you are working disks, do not remove the protective cover from the grinder and use the wheel
    s of the appropriate size.

Never use a grinder for circular saw blades for wood for circular saw, it is very dangerous, because they are not designed for such angular velocities!

  • When working on the grinder, use canvas gloves and Plexiglas shield that protects the whole face and neck.
  • If the rotation of the disc there is a strong heartbeat, ie,imbalance, such disk should be replaced.

case of life, which would like to draw the attention of our members new posts with the nickname alisa. opened a thread in the forum «Safety when working with tools."

"The building of the hospital killed the guy from the team of builders. He took off from the Bulgarian guard, set the disk of larger diameter. Have scattered pieces of the disc brake the vessels, nerve plexus neck. Injuries that are incompatible with life».

Therefore,should heed the advice of our forumchanin with the nickname Buryat.

- with no protective shell splinters will fly in a plane in which the disc rotates. Since the speed of the grinder - 7-9 thous. revolutions per minute, it can be assumedthat the rupture disk fragments represent a very serious threat.

article about how to choose a drill is available at this link.

Here are some rules that must be followed when working with the grinder:

  • When cutting keep the grinder sideby itself - is the dispersion plane fragments.

necessary to protect all close colleagues - that is,at least remove it from this plane.

  • Look around and estimate the expected rebound of the fragments from the walls, ceiling, etc.

If Bulgarian at right angles to the wall, then ricocheted fragments are in the same plane.

  • Inspect the saw before starting circle.

If there is the slightest hint of the presence of defects (chips, cracks) - stop using it and replace it with another.

also working with grinder should be remembered that the greatest danger is a sheaf of sparks, which can ignite clothing or dry materials.

Secrets of work with angle grinders

often when discussing work with angle grinders are different opinions as lead instrument - «sparks from itself» or «sparks to him?" and although on this point there is no consensus, and the majority of the Council to work the way you more convenient.


- With grinder I work with 90s, tried different models and different working methods.Who is doing so as soon as I buy a new grinder - once "I turn her head", t. E. I turn over gear 180 degrees.(By the way, not at all a trick roll, I pay attention to it).

The fact that I left-handed, and the left hand on the handle, and the right - to support and push the On button.and off.In this case, the sparks fly "away", which is what I need.Why do I work this way?

  • It is written in the instructions to my grinder.
  • predictable trajectory of the dispersion of the fragments themselves.
  • abrasive dust and metal debris flying away from the worker.

In a particularly awkward cases (in the cramped space, work above shoulder height, and so on. D.) The dust - with the "spawn the" fly in the face.Here even the glasses are not saved.

  • You see where it flies trail of sparks.If spark "on" then this is not possible.

When cutting any saw or grinder, you need to think about how to preform behaves during its complete cutting off - cutting seam should increase, not decrease, resulting in jamming of the cutting tool.

article about homemade tools available at this link.

must be remembered that when the Bulgarian part or workpiece, must be well fixed.A cutting brick and concrete necessarily need respiratory protection.You also can not use cutting discs for grinding or surface dressing.For this there are special Grinding wheels or roughing.

And finally, be aware that working with grinder requires concentration and attentiveness, and the implementation of the set of transactions with angle grinders better make them in one step, without being distracted by other work.

Learn how to work safely with power tools, users can in this branch of our forum.Questions about working with angle grinders are discussed here.Thinking about what to buy a circular saw?Our forum users will help you make the right choice here.And in this video clearly explains how to choose and work with grinding and polishing machines.