Warm floor "Teplolux Profi» - comfortable heat, convenient installation

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28 April 2016

new series is heating sections ProfiRoll and heating mats ProfiMat.They are based on very thin cable with a diameter less than 3.5 mm, which has several levels of protection.In the first place it comes to protecting against electromagnetic radiation and absolute electrical safety, which is achieved by the use of screen alyumolavsana.As a further insulating material is used polyethylene sheath crosslinked chemically.It improves the electrical properties of the cable and at the same time making it resistant to mechanical damage.Particular note must be advanced technology manufacturing heating mats ProfiMat: the heating cable is laid and sutured to the base of the mat over its entire length.This technology greatly improves the efficiency of the underfloor heating, increases its service life and easy installation.

heating mat ProfiMat

heating section ProfiRoll

These and other factors combine to provide the highest reliability underfloor series "Teplolux Profi».The company "Special S

ystems and Technologies", one of the world's largest manufacturer and an expert in the field of electric heating, provides for a series of "Teplolux Profi» lifetime warranty.This means that throughout the life (around 50 years), the manufacturer guarantees trouble-free and efficient operation of underfloor heating.

heating section Teplolux ProfiRoll used for laying in screed.Heating section, this section of the heating cable connected to the mains lead a special clutch.Section attached to the base floor using the mounting tape, and then poured cement-sand mortar.For installation in the tile adhesive more suitable heating mats ProfiMat, since in this case the heating sections with well seasoned step already laid out as desired on the grid made of fiberglass and are ready for installation of the product.

Laying of heating floor screed

Selecting the underfloor heating system in a room depends on the type of flooring, type of heating neohodimo (or main heating comfort ", and another on several factors:

  • geometry of the heated surface.Heating sections ProfiRoll more "malleable" in this regard, since you can vary the location and heating sections and step length.
  • area of ​​heated space. If the area is large enough, the more efficient use of heating mats ProfiMat, small rooms, you can choose the most suitable forlength of heating sections ProfiRoll, and by increasing the step length can be further save on the cable.
  • time you are willing to spend on the installation. Installation of cable tie installation time significantly increases, as will have to wait at least 28 days until the cement-sandthe mixture hardens.In this sense, installation of floor heating in the tile adhesive is more economical in time and takes no more than two weeks.

Laying of floor heating under the tiles

Despite the highest reliability, safety and durability of warm floors "Teplolux Profi», to ensure the highest efficiency of electric heating cable system should take into account the following recommendations for the installation of floor heating:

  • heating section must be placed on a flat, cleared of debris and dirt surface.For better adhesion before laying the heating mat in the tile adhesive primer is recommended to treat the base of the appropriate type.
  • To avoid overheating of the cable and, therefore, increase the heat output and save energy, heating sections and mats should be installed at a distance of not less than 5 cm from the stationary furniture (without feet) and at least 10 cm from other heating devices.
  • For use on balconies, balcony, in the conservatory and in other similar areas is better to use the heating section "Teplolux Profi».
  • during installation should be clearly withstand stride length between the heating sections.We can not allow the imposition of turns the heating cable at each other.
  • The same heating section can not be used for heating various premises, for example, in the bathroom and adjacent kitchen or hallway.

Along with all the advantages of these systems is their cost and not as high.Given the significant durability and a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, the purchase and installation of floor heating "Teplolux Profi» - a profitable investment in comfort.Meanwhile, warm floors Order "Teplolux Profi» the online store's products, you can get more discount and nice gifts.

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