Select tool: professional or amateur?

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13 April 2016

Members prefer to repair homes and build a house on their own.To get a quality repair and construction of the house does not become a long-term construction, needed a reliable assistant - power tools.Many companies have a range of professional and amateur tool.And here lies the main question: what tool is needed handyman?This is what we describe in our material.

So, you will learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What distinguishes the amateur from the professional tool?
  • Which features of the power you need to know before buying?
  • Do I need a handyman professional tool?
  • At what stage of the work is necessary to move from amateur to professional tool?
  • What basic set of tools to be in any home worker?

1. main criteria for selecting the tool

think about buying a power tool in the first place, it is necessary to determine the scope of work.Hang a chandelier or a picture in the apartment - is one thing, and quite another thing when will the construction of the cottage.If

you can hang a picture with the help of the usual drills, during the construction of the cottage will need an arsenal of mechanical aides.

entire power can be divided into a working battery and from the mains.It is also customary to share power in the amateur and professional.How do they differ?

specialist companies «VseInstrumenty» Alexander Dubov:

- Models of consumer and professional power tools vary widely in price.On the value of the instrument affects its service life, reliability and functionality.

example, two drills perform one task - drilling.But professional drill is designed for long-term use throughout the working day.This is achieved by better cooling, or the presence of overheat protection.

In this drill may be provided electronically adjustable turns, multiple speeds, the function of the soft starter, maintaining constant speed under load.

reliability, functionality and performance define the class of instrument and affect its value.

expert power tools companies Bosch Vasily Ivanov :

- Professional tool designed to work on construction sites and in harsh environments.It has a longer life and durability.If repeated use of the tool, it is best to choose a professional.If you do not frequent it - amateur.

When selecting a tool you should pay attention to the snap fasteners on how quickly it changes, whether additional tools for its replacement.In addition, the convenient location of important controls and ergonomics of the tool.

Master Consultant hypermarket OBI Khodynka Evgeny Babichev:

- Professional tool, unlike the amateur, has better cooling pylezaschischёnnost, a strong body and a high-quality parts.For example, in the professional angle grinders is a metal bearing, and amateur - a plastic sleeve.

The main differences between the amateur from the professional tool:

1. Hours:

  • Professional - 200 hours / month;
  • amateur - not more than 20 hours / month.

2. Mode:

  • professional - 40 minutes work 10 minutes rest;designed to use no more than eight hours per day;
  • Amateur - 10 minutes, 10 minutes rest;designed to use no more than five hours per week.

Evgeny Babichev:

- To understand what tool you need, first of all, you need to define - for what works and what mode it will be used.

For example, take the professional and amateur drills two different manufacturers, and consider their specifications.

Features Professional Cordless Drill:

  • battery charging time - 1 hour;
  • torque - 30 N / m;
  • Comes with two batteries;
  • can tighten screw 4,2h150 size of a tree without pre-drilling;
  • can work non-stop.

Features amateur cordless drills:

  • while charging the battery - from 3 to 5 hours;
  • torque - 11 H / m;
  • Comes with one battery;
  • can tighten screw 4,2h65 size of a tree without pre-drilling;
  • not be running non-stop.

Therefore amateur tools have often stopped for cooling or recharging.This can significantly increase the time of repair or construction, while professional tools allow you to perform the same amount of work in a shorter period of time.

2. when the transition from amateur to professional tool?

buying expensive professional tools - a crucial step for the home master.So when there is a switch from the amateur to the professional power tools?

Opinion forumchanin with the nickname Roracotta:

- It all depends on personal needs and preferences.If a person ceases to hold an amateur tool, it becomes a professional.I know some great masters who have an amateur tool, and it does not affect the quality of their work.DIY unprofitable immediately acquire a professional tool.We recommend that you get the hand, and with increasing skill and experience comes the understanding - whether it is necessary to acquire a professional tool.

Vasily Ivanov:

- In my opinion, a professional tool is required if a person professionally engaged in the repair or construction.

Alexander Dubov:

- a clear distinction when to switch from domestic to professional tools, is difficult to determine.If you are using a drill every six months to drill a couple of holes in the wall to hang shelves, it is irrational to buy a professional tool.

In some cases handyman worth buying so-called Multitools - tools that perform several operations: sanding and cleaning of surfaces before cutting blanks.These options depend on the set of tooling.One such tool can replace at least two - sander and saw.

Also, before buying a tool to ask yourself this question: what tasks need to be solved through the year?If you eventually have to work with a tool more and more intense, it makes sense to spend a little more money today.Then again, do not have to spend money on the purchase of another, more functional model.

Alexander Dubov:

- amateur models are not as functional as a professional, and could not withstand heavy loads.If you have to use a drill for the construction of drywall partitions, facade house siding or large-scale construction, and the work will be carried out every day, for several weeks, then you can immediately think about buying a model professional class.

Whether an amateur or a professional tool, it should in any case be of high quality and reliable!

3. What should be in the arsenal of DIY?

Despite the fact that the home workshop can complement almost indefinitely, there is a basic set of tools that should be in every home worker.

Alexander Dubov:

- Arsenal home worker can vary greatly depending on what tasks it faces.This may be a renovated apartment building or a private house or villa.Many work in the home workshop or garage.Often the need is not just a tool, but also fit for the organization of the workplace and personal protective equipment.

list of the most popular tools in the home:

1. Drill - need for drilling holes in wood, metal or plastic.

2. Cordless screwdriver - indispensable for assembly work where a lot of threads.

is especially useful when there is no electricity.Universal option could be cordless drills, which can not only tighten the fasteners, and drill holes.

3. Impact Drill or punch needed for making holes in concrete and other hard substrates.

If you want to make a few holes in the concrete, you can get by with just percussion drill.

If you plan to work on large-scale drilling in brick, concrete or dismantling, for example, chipping tiles on the walls, it is better to take a punch.

4. The Bulgarian (LBM) - tools necessary for cutting metal and stone (concrete, bricks, tiles).

In it you can set roughing or grinding wheel for cleaning and polishing of different surfaces.

5. Jigsaw - is needed to shape cutting wood, plywood and laminate.

addition, it is necessary to have a set of hand tools.

Alexander Dubov:

- To perform work of a different nature will approach universal kit, which may include: a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches and a plurality of nozzles.

for specific problems there are carpentry, locksmith and car kits.

Except the tools dlyaeffektivnoy and safe operation are required:

  • an extension cord;
  • stepladder;
  • belt bag or vest with pockets for hand tools and fasteners;
  • organizer or suitcase for storage of all kinds of accessories;
  • personal protective equipment: goggles, gloves, respirator.

All information about the tools available in this section.The most complete set of professional power tools assembled in this topic.Personal safety when working with power tools, told here.Which power is needed the Cottagers?The answer to this question is discussed in this topic.

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