Inverter, boil!

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12 April 2016
anyone with a garden or country house from time to time have to resort to welding works: mount a metal fence, "grab" hinges on the gates, repair gardening tools, etc.Every time attracting these needs professional welder - troublesome and costly.Therefore, many prefer to "boil the metal" on their own.Fortunately, now for this opportunity - quite: market offers a huge selection of cost-effective and easy-to-use welding inverters .
However, it is the variety of choice and is often a major problem.Household welding machines are expensive and complicated types of devices for which failure - are not uncommon.So choose the inverter should be very carefully and cautiously, taking into account both their current and future needs and financial capabilities, and the conditions under which the unit will be operated.
discuss specific models of inverters and a common approach to their choice on the FORUM HOUSE devoted many pages.We use the experience of members of the forum and formulate some universal tips
for those who want to choose the inverter.
say, that we are talking about apparatus for manual arc welding (MMA) - they got the maximum spread in the home because of its efficiency, compactness, light weight and ease of use.
inverters Main features:
- operating voltage;
- Rated welding current;
- power;
- the diameter of the electrode;
- open circuit voltage;
- border regulation welding current;
- size, weight.
Household inverter welder is designed usually to operate in intermittent mode, that is, the implementation of small volumes, or any one-time welding.According to many members of the forum, if you do not intend to intensive use of the machine and do not have the necessary skills, it makes no sense to take an expensive inverter professional class.
Ilgiz 0007:
- For houses - "fence podvarit" and is durable enough to take the model of the lower price category.The experience of work: one hour a maximum of two weeks (the average for the year) - almost any product on the Chinese to do the task.
- It makes no sense to complicate the apparatus amateur class."Heaped" model having a plurality of modes of operation, even professionals are not in demand because of the lack of many necessary qualifications.Here own cook, realize that you will be a conventional current controller for the eyes!
main load when working with the welding machine falls on the electrical network.As used in inverters capacitors accumulating electric energy, thus providing, uninterrupted network operation and gently igniting an electric arc aggregate.The only trouble is that few can boast stable voltage in the countryside, at their summer cottage or in a garage cooperative."Correct" inverter must be equipped with protection that automatically shuts off when it surges in an unstable network.
However, the simple protection when working in unstable network, of course, is not enough.The main demand - to continue the process of welding machine, even if the voltage "sags," for example, to 160-170 volts.Now there are many inverters declared characteristics which make it possible to work under voltage of 160-240 volts.But not all so simple.
- On the Internet, a lot of videos with the demonstration of vehicles from low voltage up to 160V or even lower.We demonstrate this by connecting the device via LATR (autotransformer), lowering their voltage.It gives the impression, but there is here the share of guile: a situation where the network has a weak load-bearing capacity, ie the increase in internal resistance, substitute to the situation when the voltage is low, though, but the network load capacity is normal.And for the device is not the same thing.In reality, the second situation is much rarer than the first.
Therefore, before buying it in order to find an individual load capacity of their home or villa mains and build on these parameters.Note that the numbers affixed in the passport of an inexpensive machine can seriously at odds with reality.For example, many cheap Chinese inverters, which are sold over the Internet, marked up the value of the operating current 200-250A, when in fact the current they rarely reaches 160A.For household welding, by the way, 160A power is enough.Inverters with a capacity of up to 200-220A required for those planning to cook a serious design of thick metal, for example, in the construction of the shed or garage.
- more powerful device will allow to cook for a long time without stopping.Normally the unit with a current of 160 A can cook current 160 A 5-minute and 10 - rest, and can cook 180 A current 160 A continuously, although it will need a novice will not soon.I unit 200 A, four years had never cooked a current greater than 150 A. In the country there is practically no such powerful structures.
Another important principle when choosing a particular model of the inverter suitable to your needs, - the proximity of the service center of the manufacturer.Otherwise, searching for details to the failed machine can become a real problem.And not immune from damage, even costly phones known manufacturers.Especially since, according to statistics, 90% of all faults in the inverter are caused by their owners - due to errors in operation and neglect.By the way, visit the service center will not be superfluous and to purchase the machine.
- Before choosing, visited a couple of service centers where repair welding machines.In general, before each is more or less interested in money buying it from repairers about the reliability and maintainability of products.Who, if not they better know about it?
Much depends on where you purchased the unit.The most correct option - a specialty store.In this case, the purchase is usually possible to test for compliance with the stated characteristics, and in case of a problem it will be easier to exchange or return.
- I for myself long ago decided that the sophisticated technique (a welding inverter refers to that) have to take it, where in the case of force majeure will have to bear.Shop Online, it is online store that something will prove over the Internet.
And another thing: when buying a home inverter (especially low-cost models) starts the welder should prepare themselves to additional costs not only for consumables (electrodes), but also on the components: cable, electrode holder, etc.The fact that even supplied with high-quality and well-established household accessories inverters rarely suitable for continuous operation - the manufacturer prefers to save them.
- Many devices Comes with cable and electrode weight.The cable typically 1x10 mm2.His throw to first and buy brand 1h16 mm2 kg and better COH.Massa made mostly of tin, which, after a dozen electrodes emit and buy normal.Holder of the kit may be enough for a pack of electrodes and ....Major manufacturers in the package put connectors, the user chose cable.
Comparative characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and other issues of specific models of welding inverters are discussed in this forum thread.About how to choose the optimal device for your accessory kit, available here.This video explains what criteria should be chosen welding machine and provides brief guidance on welding for beginners.