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27 April 2016
how it all began

word "conditioner" was first uttered aloud, even in 1815.It was then that the French Jeanne Shabannes received a British patent on the method of air-conditioning and temperature control dwellings and public buildings.

And in 1902, an American engineer and inventor Willis Carrier gathered industrial refrigeration machine for the printing of Brooklyn in New York.The most curious thing that the first air conditioner is not intended to create a pleasant coolness to employees, but to deal with moisture, health is deteriorating print quality.

Many enlightened aristocrats of Europe specially came to the German city of Cologne to visit the local theater.Such a number of dignitaries went to the theater is not because the troupe captivated visitors a great game, but because on a hot summer day in the auditorium and the lobby prevailed unprecedented coolness.

So one of the first air conditioners in the world immediately became popular.Now, air conditioners have become an integral part of ev
eryday life.But before we describe all the possibilities of modern air conditioning, we look at how they work.


After numerous experiments, the developers came to the conclusion that the optimum air-conditioning system for scrap - parokompressornaya where the absorption of heat is by evaporation of a special refrigerant - Freon, pumped under pressure from the compressor in a closed system.The same principle is valid and household refrigerators.Banal compressor refrigeration system at the moment is unsurpassed.Different models of air conditioners differentiates finer mechanics, more intelligent automation, "environmental" freon, fashionable design, ergonomics, ease of maintenance and so on. D., And cooling system is one - "historic."Let

"analyze" air conditioning.1) The compressor - the unit, causing the refrigerant to circulate.2) Refrigerant: the latest development - Freon gas (R134a).3) The condenser where the gas condenses and gives off heat.4) The evaporator, ie of collectors;where the gas evaporates and absorbs heat.

short, any air conditioner works just like a normal fridge but the air conditioning device itself, is somewhat different.Air conditioning is a closed geometric path, inside which moves a special ingredient - the refrigerant.Vaporized in one place, it absorbs heat and condenses in the other, to allocate, the absorbed heat.Heat exchange of the refrigerant with air occurs through the air heat exchangers, which are copper pipes, equipped with a thin aluminum plates.

But the process of heat transfer between the refrigerant and the air went faster, the air is blown through the heat exchangers by means of fans.Figuratively speaking, the refrigerant passes the "fire, water and copper pipes" that would be in your home was always cool and easy!

will follow REFRIGERANT

Still wondering how it comes the cold air.To understand this, it is necessary to track all the way refrigerant.The fact that it circulates, we have to understand what was happening to him?

immediately necessary to consider that the gas circulating in the air conditioner constantly moves from one physical state to another.In fact, different parts of the system, and we see 4 substance -physical condition of the coolant depends on the device through which it passes, moving through the system.Let's start with the node, which defines the movement of the whole mechanism.Compressor when the electromagnetic clutch sucks and compresses the refrigerant to high temperature and sends into the condenser where the hot pressurized gas passes into the liquid.Next

warm liquid refrigerant enters the receiver-dryer, there it is filtered from the liquid particles of dust and moisture.The next destination - the expansion valve, where it evaporates and turns into a "fog" of low temperature and pressure (-2 ° C, 2 bar).

Then the refrigerant enters the evaporator, where the mist, boil at low pressure, reset, and re-enters the compressor.That's all - simply nowhere.

Here are the basic unit air conditioner, but it can vary (versions with two or three evaporators).After all, in fact, it produces cool air vaporizer,

REFRIGERANT - Freon (gas), which according to its setting is ideal for cycle chiller.During one cycle the refrigerant evaporates in the indoor heat exchanger taking heat is pumped under high pressure by the compressor to a condenser of the external heat exchanger unit, where it is condensed, giving up heat to the outside air.The most common Freon - the brand R-22.

But studies show that this gas is harmful to the earth's ozone layer.In developed countries, the use of this refrigerant is already prohibited.In Europe, the United States.Japan has long been used safe brand R-407 and R-410.