Useful "rodent."

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11 April 2016
Multifunction oscillating electric a few years ago appeared on the market, but today are breaking all records of popularity.Those wishing to purchase a universal device that can replace the saw, cutter, chisel, scraper, polisher and grinder, is growing.They do not stop high enough price-quality multitool or some problems with supplies.And yet - it really needs a universal "rodent" in a home studio?And how fully he can perform the functions of individual specialized tools?
In the "instrumental section» FORUM HOUSE topic in which users discuss the pros and cons of electric multitool - one of the most actively commented.However, the question of "why?" Is almost not ask: the conclusion of the need for the multitool itself can be made acquainted with the experience of the owners of the machine and how to work with its application.
Any experienced master knows that versatility is good in moderation.Remarkably, instead of a set of individual tools have one "all-rounder" unit.But in reality, th
e functionality and quality of many types of work at the "station wagon" is most often lower than that of specialized tools.According to many members of the forum who have in their arsenal such devices, multitool can not fully substitute for the saw or "Bulgarian", especially when dealing with large volumes of work.In fact, it is a separate class of instrument is very useful for many cases in everyday life, especially in home repair.And at times indispensable.
- Doors set under the loop instead of a chisel killed.Mounted kitchen, all the small non-circular holes - only to them.Filmed chopped tile grout joints scrub off - less than a minute.Glue scraper removed, cleaned of concrete tile adhesive.Skirting the place of undercut.In general, good toy.
«Universal" will be out of the competition when working in confined spaces (eg in the corners and niches), when something needs to be carefully and precisely trimmed, sanded, sawed, cut a hole, etc.The number of operations that his ability can be very large, it all depends on the assortment of nozzles.
what a multi-tool:
Removing grout, mortar joints of the tile, removing glue;
shape cutting tiles, cutting and grinding stone, polishing;
trimming door panels, skirting boards, architraves, parquet and laminate;
grinding surfaces of complex shape;
trimming nails, pipe, cutting profiles;
dismantle flooring, waterproofing, paints, sealants, etc .;
sawing GCR, gypsum fiber board, hardboard, OSB, particle board, plywood;
production of grooves, chamfering.
All multifunction tools work on the same principle: the rotational motion of the electric motor in the transmission to the output shaft is transformed into reciprocating.The oscillatory (ie, committing high-frequency oscillations with a small amplitude) unit does not have a rotating working surface, this is the secret of its benefits.
Pros oscillating tools:
eliminated a large amount of dust and the centrifugal ejection of large particles of the material;
can perform submerged cuts;
opportunity to work with flexible materials;
ease of use and security;
high quality processing.
Among the main drawbacks of devices users carry a high level of noise, vibration, and the high cost of equipment: Many heads are deteriorating quite rapidly.
- Prices nozzle is unfortunately too high.Yes, often find nothing in the shops, but the most doroguschih.But to understand what nozzle you need, you should try at least once to her work.But to pay a thousand rubles for a nail file, only to realize it well she nags nails as shown in advertising - no, really dismiss.
Not surprisingly, some forum users, is often used in the multi-tools, prefer their own to make certain types of saws.For example, from the saw blades.
also compact universal device can not boast of a great power (150-300 watts, depending on the model), and hence, high performance and long-time continuous operation.However, the tasks for which are "generalists", their capacity is sufficient.
- «Rodent" really helps in the assembly of scaffolds, installation of skirting boards and architraves.With convenient cloth strip a small surface, where there is no crawl lentoshlifovalnoy machine.Regular chisel replaces 100%.Among the shortcomings: in the hands of a strong vibration is transmitted when cutting a little thing fixed.Noise during strong enough.Blades for wood quickly eaten Accidental contact with the screw.
Ability to use a variety of attachments allows electric multitool to work with many different materials: wood, metal, plastic, concrete, brick, ceramics, glass, etc.What is important is to set goals for their "correct" web.
What the marks on the saw blade:
HCS - high-carbon steel for use in soft materials (wood, wood-based panels, covered with plastic and synthetic materials).
HSS - high-speed steel for metal works.
BIM - highly flexible, inseparable compound of HSS and HCS, is designed for highest professional requirements.Operating range - wood, ferrous and nonferrous metals.
HM - carbide.It is used for cutting fiberglass, aerated concrete, ceramic tiles.
important criterion when choosing a "Universal" - interchangeable nozzles of different manufacturers.The universal mounting system OIS, proposed by BOSCH, has been adopted by many, but not all manufacturers multitool.Therefore, some companies bundle their tool further adapter-adapter allows to use "non-standard" nozzle.
When choosing a multi-tool should also be sure to check how convenient device "falls into your hand", to be comfortable to hold and control it during operation - this largely depends on its quality.Test and controls, and other elements: securely fixed power button, whether it is convenient to use the speed controller, if a sufficient length of network cable (optimally - at least three meters), how easy is connected anti-dust system.
«drove» tool at idle, we can estimate a smooth change of speed, "noise" and the degree of vibration.Apparatus solid manufacturers usually have a number of additional options.For example, remote cutting depth limiter, removable handle to hold the instrument with both hands, a system of "soft start" for more accurate cuts at the beginning of the work, carrying case and storage and so on.
discussion of the pros and cons of multipurpose power tools, as well as examples of works carried out with their help, look at this section of the forum.Questions to select power tools for construction and home decorating are discussed here.The choice of grinding and polishing machines and work with them explains in this video.