Installation of an autonomous sewer

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27 April 2016

When installing treatment plants, designed to serve up to 20 users who do not require concreting the bottom of the pit, quite a sandy pillow.The unit is mounted under the ground and at the expense of vertical placement takes up little space on the site (for example, to install TOPAS 5 is just 1 square meter).

for optimal control of the treatment plant the company "Topol-ECO" offers free travel to the site of our specialist.After reviewing the proposed conditions, the engineer will calculate the amount of relief volley, advises the optimal location for a sewage treatment plant, and it will pick a suitable model for your home.Another important factor when installing a wastewater treatment system, and a specialist will offer one of its possible options: drainage runoff within a drainage well in the storm gutter or the installation of special containers for the collection of purified water and its further use for commercial purposes.At the end of his visit, the engineer will make a preliminary calculation

of the estimate and chart the installation of sewage treatment plants.

installation steps

Installation of an autonomous sewer usually takes one day and takes place in several stages.Let's look at an example of mounting installation TOPAS 5.

optimal place to house installation, pre-defined with the visiting manager on site.Cooking pit the size of 180x180 cm and a depth of 240 cm. Dimensions of the pit shown in the wiring diagram, which is attached to the treatment plant.When the pit depth reaches one meter, in accordance with the safety, the entire perimeter of the pit is set formwork of beams and edged boards.Then leveled the base of the pit, filled 20-centimeter sand cushion.



To mount installation TOPAS 5 does not need to use special equipment.With all the work copes installation team of 4 people.They are using strong ropes gently lowered into the pit treatment plant and then using a level check its horizontal position.





next step - preparing trenches for sewer pipes and electrical cables from the house to install.Trench do with a 10-tisantimetrovoy sandy base and a slope of 2 cm per meter.This slope is provided in the building regulations and is required to ensure that water does not stagnate in the pipe.

is followed at the same time to fill water treatment plant inside and gradually (0.5 m) to sprinkle it with sand from the outside up to the feed point of sewer pipe.This is done to compensate for external and internal pressure on the walls of the installation.Sand the outside of the station must also shed water to seal.



into the trench laying pipe diameter of 110 mm and four-core electric cable (VBbShvng 4 x 1.5 sq.).If the distance from home to the station exceeds six meters, cable cross-section increases.One side of the cable is connected to the shield inside the house, the other - to be installed according to the attached to the construction of the scheme.

On the wall of the receiving chamber, where the sewer pipe is connected to the installation, cut out a hole for the pipe diameter of 110 mm.Note that the sidebar inlet pipe can be carried out both on site and in advance on the company's production of "Topol-ECO."Hole pipe is sealed, for this it is necessary to opayat polypropylene rod.



next step - installation and connection of compressors.The pit covered with earth and leveled on the surface can only cover the installation at a height of 15-18 cm above the ground.



Finally conduct a trial run of the system, checking the work of the float sensor.When the aeration process takes place in the aeration tank, the sensor is in the upper position in the float chamber - at the bottom.Now sewage water purification plant is ready for use.