Examples of implementation of ventilation and air-conditioning in residential and public buildings of different purposes

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27 April 2016

system ventilation of residential one-storey building

Ventilation ventilation system is to provide the necessary health and safety standards of air in a residential area and includes in its membership:

heated valve inlet;

set of filters to clean the air of dust;

an electric heater for heating the air in winter;

ventilation system with centrifugal fan and control system.

All elements are mounted ventilation in a single soundproofed enclosure that can be mounted in any technical area (in this case, in the attic of the building).Conditioned air network served by the duct enters the room through a ceiling or wall switchgear, fitted with louvres to control the flow of air.

exhaust ventilation and forced, with roof fans.Through the network teams contaminated air ducts of the serviced apartments in the team enters the mine fan and ejected into the atmosphere.

All airway network installed in the attic, can likewise be solved system of ventilation in buildings with technical floors or ceilings wh
ere it is also possible to link airway network.

Air conditioning of premises with split systems

air conditioning system on the basis of air conditioners split system is widely used in existing buildings in order to maintain the microclimate in the individual residential or office buildings.For example, the proposed conditioning the living rooms in the apartments of high-rise building used air conditioning split systems wall type.Outdoor units are in this case located on balconies, indoor units - on the walls of the serviced apartments.The advantage of this type of system is the ease of installation and assembly at relatively low cost.

ventilation premises carried out in a natural way.The inflow of fresh air through vents windows, hood on the street - in louvres installed in the kitchen and bathrooms, according to the exhaust channels in exhaust mine and emissions into the atmosphere.

cabin air conditioning system with a split system with forced ventilation

Air Conditioning split system with forced ventilation of the indoor unit is located in this case in the attic of the building and the outdoor unit, also located in the attic.For centrifugal fan condenser cooling air is supplied from the street.The indoor unit runs on a mixture of supply and recirculation air.Cooling in the summer by using teploobmennika- evaporator and heated air in winter with a water heater, powered by the gas boiler.Outdoor air conditioner and its distribution on the premises is carried out by a network of air ducts.To remove the polluted air from bathrooms and kitchen facilities provided natural ventilation.

air conditioning system of an office building with central air-based chiller-fan coils

main equipment is located on the technical floor: central air conditioning with outside air intake and treated air distribution network of air ducts, air-cooled chiller condensercentrifugal extractor fan system.

To prepare the cold water entering the central air coolers and fan coils, used chiller with air-cooled condenser.The air is supplied to cool the condenser and is discharged through the air ducts.The chiller is built pumping station, pumping refrigerant in the central air-conditioning and fan coils.The chiller can be switched to the mode of the heat pump, so the cold season in the central air conditioner air cooler fan coils and heat exchangers fed heated water to heat incoming air.

Fancoils work on indoor air recirculation and implement individual control of thermal regime in each room.

The composition of a central air conditioner consists of two stages of the air filter, heater, fan section with centrifugal fan.Supply air from the central air conditioning duct network is supplied to the premises through the intake louvres.The exhaust air is removed from the premises through the grates in the walls and exhaust centrifugal fan vented to the atmosphere.