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10 April 2016
Angle Grinder (LBM), she is Bulgarian, - one of the most popular tools in the household owners and gardeners.Although it is unlikely to be called a tool for daily use in a household Bulgarian may be required very often.Cutting pipes, profiles, slate, tiles, grinding and polishing the surfaces of various materials - these are just some of the operations that are able to Bulgarian.Sometimes this tool - simply irreplaceable assistant.
In the absence of sufficient experience in the choice of angle grinders for household needs - a simple matter.
Despite the seeming universality of the range of functions in Bulgarians limited not only by the technical characteristics, but also, very importantly - safe to use.The Bulgarian - tool of increased danger.Often it is trying to add to her owners "multitasking" by applying disproportionate disk or disks from the circular saw, removing the protective cover to increase the depth of cut, etc.lead to tragedies.Therefore, many users believe FORUM HOUSE, choosi
ng the grinder, you should try to determine as precisely as possible, for what purpose you will use it.And to make choices based on the objectives - to use the tool strictly for that purpose.
use the experience of members of the forum and analyze the basic criteria that should be guided in choosing angle grinders for domestic use.
first and main criterion - size of the disc used .Discs for angle grinders are available with diameters from 115 to 230 mm.It should be understood that the working surface of the disk when cutting is only part of the serving of the machine body.For example, the depth of cut grinder wheels for 115 mm is usually only 25-30 mm.Moreover, wheels with heavy use worn down fairly quickly, and thus decreases the size of the working surface.
drilling worker :
- The most important principle - the right to assess the coming work and load under which to choose and the size.Then LBM will operate for long.
So, if you intend to use grinders mainly as a sanding tool, it makes sense to stay on the model of the small size and weight, a disc diameter of 115 mm.But for metal pipes of large diameter small Bulgarian - wrong version.
  • 125 mm - the most "running" the size of angle grinders.Under such grinders produced a wide variety of discs for cutting and grinding.LBM 125 mm have a relatively light weight, easy to use and powerful enough for everyday needs.
  • grinder 150 mm are not very popular: the depth of cut and other features they are not too far "gone" from the 125th the size, but such machines more heavy and bulky.
  • Bulgarka 180 mm is effective for building and repair, this size allows cutting of large diameter pipe and a relatively thick metal.But for smaller jobs, this is inconvenient LSM already due to the size and weight.
  • 230 mm - the maximum size for major tasks and performance.Buy a car, "that was" for occasional use in the home does not make sense.
Putnikk62 :
- If you take a stone-brick-border, need to look in the direction of 230 minutes with dust protection: hardy, but heavy (about 6 kg) machine.To cut a small cross-section of metal profiles best suited to I-180: easier, but the problem partially overlaps the 230th and the 150th full.For delicate work, and hard to reach places, in Vol. H for work at height, especially on stairs and steps, suitable 125th LBM.115-I and 150-I - highly specialized tools, they can be replaced with other sizes.
Choice Bulgarian power also depends on the purpose of its use.Power range LBM average - 0.5-2.7 kW.The higher the power, the more stable will operate under severe loads Bulgarian longer be its continuous work cycle, it will be less heated.If your plans do not include long-term operation of cutting concrete, metal or stone, then you hardly need a tool capacity of more than 1 kW.But when low-power grinder sawing, for example, channels, angles larger or thick rebar - a tool to quickly overheat and then quickly fail.
Nikkin :
- If you are going to cut the iron, stone, concrete, brick - it is better to take the angle grinders with a power of 1000 watts.And for polishing and grinding enough grinders with less power.
With a capacity directly related to the weight of the instrument: the more powerful, the more difficult.The average household LBM capacity of 0.7-0.8 kW have a mass of 1.5-2 kg.Bulgarians from kilowatt already weigh 2-2.5 kg, 1.5 kW and a half - at least 3-3.5 kg.
When selecting LBM power to consider and weight used CDs: Even grinder for grinding work on the 115 mm thick using abrasive wheels is better to choose a model with power from kilowatts.
speed adjustment. When used in everyday Bulgarian small size, this function, according to many users FORUMHOUSE, is not so necessary, and to pay for it by choosing a "heaped" model, makes no sense.For angle grinders of different sizes manufacturers pick "their" rotational speed of the disc, the optimum for most operations (the smaller the diameter, the higher the speed).However, the ability to regulate the pace significantly expands the range of use of the instrument.
drilling worker :
- There are a lot of works and materials, which need lower speed.Any ductile metal, a lot of the same brand of stainless steel is better to cut and polish at low revs.But such works are not all required.So a clear answer whether you need adjustment, do not exist.All depends on the tasks.
«Soft start» - another useful but optional feature that is not likely to have low-cost models.Smoothly, without jerks, running the tool is especially useful for inexperienced masters just starting to learn to work with grinders.In addition, this function smoothes surges occurring on the network during power angle grinders, that is protects your wiring.
Dust. hard to find a more "dusty" tool than the angle grinder.And as the dust tends to get into any openings, then a chassis grinder, in the absence of dust protection, it cluttered up a lot.That, of course, affects the productivity and tool life.Therefore, to work on the stone, concrete and similar materials should choose a model with the protection of the motor and bearings from abrasive dust.One need only remember that there are any limits to protect, so that after a particularly dusty work preventive cleaning "internal" angle grinders will not superfluous.
And finally: choosing a grinder, it is necessary to check how comfortable it fits in your hand, whether it is convenient to hold auxiliary handle in its different positions.Well, if the handle is made of machines Vibration-damping material and place rubberized retention not only, but also have a finger recess.Ergonomic quality - quite a subjective criterion, but an important one, and directly affects the quality of work from the grinder, and your safety.
Questions select angle grinders, with the discussion of specific models and brands - in this forum thread.On the rules of safe operation of the grinder described in this article and the topic.There Gameday exchange experience selecting and using grinding and cutting discs for angle grinders.On the selection and operation of various types of grinding and polishing machines tells this video.