Installation of air conditioners

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26 April 2016
installation of climate systems requires a number of special operations, many of which require a certain amount of experience and professionalism.Enough telling is the fact that more than 80% of all defects and faults identified in air conditioning systems are the result of improper installation.

plants mounted on the outside of the premises, equipped with air-cooled condenser and axial fans have a number of features that need to be taken into account when installing.The documentation on the supplied equipment is always given the specific characteristics of the installation.The absence or reduction of clearances required for air intake, can lead to malfunctions or unit shut down due to overheating.Possible prevailing direction "wind rose" when mounted on the open areas should not be directed to a frontal installation since in this case interferes with the normal operation of the fan.It is important to mount the unit so that the direction of the prevailing "wind rose" was parallel to the direction of air
exiting the installation.

Another group of problems associated with weight units mounted on the outside of the building or on the roof.In these cases, you must always assess the strength of the pillars on which the data are attached and take the necessary steps to strengthen it.

seal when installing window air conditioner

window air conditioner installation is simple and requires no special skills.The only requirement in the choice of type air conditioner that has a width less than the width of the window opening.When installing the air conditioner should be avoided skew relative to the planes of the opening.The gap between the housing and the air conditioner should be carefully zakonopachivat opening around the perimeter of mounting putty or foam.Pre property window air conditioners is that most of them have a partial extract of air passing through the unit.In this case the flow of fresh air into the room takes place through leaks in doors and windows.

When installing window air conditioner to keep in mind the following:

air conditioner must not be blocked blackout curtains or blinds, as in this case, comfort is created not in the room, and in the space between the window and the curtains;

installation of window air conditioner will be very time-consuming, if the house or office, or glazing stained glass windows installed in frames made of PVC or aluminum.

Location indoor and outdoor units of split-system with respect to the walls, floor and ceiling

installation of air conditioners split system is recommended before or during repair facilities, not after it.For air-conditioners installed in separate wiring in the control panel installed separately batchfile.So frustrated indoor repair will perform installation of air conditioning units, and the necessary wiring interconnects, without prejudice to the overall decoration.

Installation of the outdoor unit of a split system includes the following steps:

Siting block.Installation of the outdoor unit must be carried out on a sufficiently solid wall at a location convenient for subsequent service.For rooms, located on the ground floor of the building, it is recommended to install the outdoor unit at least 2 m above the ground, to avoid damage or theft block intruders.For apartments of the upper floors expedient to place the outdoor unit on the roof or the attic of the building.It is also advisable to place the outdoor unit on balconies and loggias of buildings subject to the requirements of normative documents for installation in terms of the maximum permissible height difference and the length of the pipeline.

outdoor unit is recommended to be installed on the fixed mounting bracket is designed to fit a given unit of weight.To mount the bracket to the wall is recommended to use the anchor bolts or other fasteners, to ensure reliable fixation.The installation of the unit on the bracket, it is desirable to perform in the antivibration mounts or supports, which can significantly reduce vibrations transmitted to the building structure of the building.

Placing the outdoor unit on the supports

Regardless of the location of the outdoor unit must be installed on it a protective shield covering the block of precipitation (snow, rain, and so on. D.).

to connect the communication between the external and internal units of split-system is necessary to break through the outer wall of the through-hole diameter jumper 50-60 mm and inserted into a hole "hydro-insulating glass," stacked therein beam connecting communications.

Installation of the indoor unit includes the following operations:

Selecting a location for the installation.The indoor unit split systems must be installed in a room with a view of the functional requirements and design space.It is necessary to consider the following:

- can not place the unit near a source of heat and humidity;

- Do not install the unit near the doorway;
there should be no obstacles to the supply unit of the air flow;

- in the place of installation of the unit should be organized reliable condensate drain (drainage);

- Fitting unit should be chosen in such a way that there is no immediate (direct) supply of cooling air flow to the people inside.

wall surface on which the wall-mounted unit, must be durable (to avoid breaking the wall surface) and smooth (to avoid vibration unit which can lead to its destruction during the operation).The height of the wall unit and the distance to adjacent surfaces (walls, ceiling) stipulated by the manufacturer of the unit.

Fixing the indoor unit by using the mounting plate and brackets supplied.The mounting plate is attached to the wall strictly on the level.Only in this case it is provided by the normal condensate.When you install the indoor unit on the ceiling allow removal of the filter to clean it.Air conditioners, tower type installed on the floor and, if possible fastened to the wall for increased rigidity.

Connection units of split-system consists of the following operations:

Shtroblenie walls for laying communications and electricity cables or cover them in a decorative box.

connection of copper pipes among themselves and with units of split-system by means of connecting fittings and fittings.

Joining copper connecting tubes

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of training all connected pipes.For cutting pipes need to use a special pipe cutter supplied with the appropriate mounting tool.Pipes can not saw off hacksaw as are irregularities and roughness on the pipe, and because it is impossible to achieve a smooth and perpendicular to the cutting tube.Before cutting the pipe must be carefully straighten.Set in the copper pipe cutter rollers so that the blade is perpendicular to the pipe.Carefully cut the pipe, preventing the bevel, irregularities and dam on the cut edges of the pipe.Deburring on the edge of the copper pipe by means of scanning or fine sandpaper.

cutting copper pipe

Once clipped on the phone wearing a cap nut, cut the tube is expanded.For pipes, a special flaring tool.With proper pipe expansion the inner surface of the socket has a uniform gloss, and the socket has a uniform thickness.

Flaring copper tubing

pipes are bent using a spiral or mechanical bender.Pipe bending radius must be at least twice the diameter.It is unacceptable for the formation of tube bends, reducing its "open area".Between the pipes are usually connected by soldering silver or copper phosphate solders.These solders are carbide and are characterized by high strength and resistance to vibration.

Perform tube bending: well - wrong;b - a spring;in - using bender

the drain line, which must be:
- put in a drainage tube indent or decorative boxes to the point condensate drain;

- in the sewer line drill a hole into which crashed into the siphon condensate drain.

Given the fact that the air conditioner removes air from 1-2 liters of water per hour, the drain to the sewage system is the best option condensate.If for any reason it can not be done, drain piping is on the street.In this case, you must provide a heated drainage, which will use air conditioning at low temperatures without fear of freezing pipes.The worst option is to collect the condensate in some capacity, which must be periodically emptied.

After connecting cooling lines to the nipples blocks split systems should be checked for its tightness (pressure test).For this system to the filling tap is connected through a gearbox with dry nitrogen gas cylinder.The pressure test is carried out at a pressure of 10-15 atm.Obmylivaniem all joints check them for leaks.

Crimping refrigerant circuit

for vacuum circuit is connected to the filling tap vacuum pump.Pumping systems produce for 1-1.5 hours at a pressure of not more than 4 mm Hg.Art.After that, cover the valve and the pressure gauge control pressure change in the system.

Evacuate refrigerant circuit

refill the refrigerant circuit is performed after the step of evacuating the air conditioner when running through the filling valve with liquid refrigerant.Fill with lead until the pressure in the 4.5-5.5 kg / cm2, which corresponds to the normal operation of the air conditioner in the cooling mode.Control the amount of refrigerant charge can be carried out on a scale or a charging cylinder, as indicated by filling weights.

refill the refrigerant circuit from the charging cylinder

refill with filling weights

After filling the system with refrigerant air conditioner is turned off, close the filling valve on the outdoor unit, quickly disconnect the charge hose and close fitting deafplug.The delay can result in the release into the atmosphere of gaseous coolant.Once the system charge to make sure there are no leaks using a special device - or leak detectors by obmylivaniya all joints.