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26 April 2016

coming heating season.More month and a half and we will have to begin to heat their houses and apartments.Prudent owner already today it is necessary to think about the preparation or replacing equipment that will allow us to comfortably and without problems survive the cold weather.

In the topic "What are the radiators is better?"You can ask questions about the choice of radiators to heat your home, depending on the pressure in the heating system, the quality of the materials that make up the SB, as well as your financial possibilities.

How to calculate "How long should the radiator?"depending on the volume of heated space - a question to which the answer can be found in the forum thread of the same name.It is important not only to calculate the required amount of radiators and their power to heat your home.Equally important are literate "wiring diagrams radiators" and "Wiring diagrams of radiators."

Now let's talk about the different types of radiators, depending on the material from which they

are made.In the first topic, we recommend you read, comparing the most popular recent "aluminum and bimetal radiators."If your sympathy given to aluminum, the theme "Aluminium radiators. Pluses and minuses" will further explore the performance of this type of radiators for heating home and determine the choice of the manufacturer.

article "Steel radiators, types, especially" at NewsHouse.ru, tell about radiators and convectors, which are traditionally used for heating both private homes and city apartments.
And do not leave without attention the topic "Cast iron radiators" that, as a rule, is not so popular as 30 years ago, but the new design line of retro and modern continues to warm interest in them.

How to make a competent group of radiator sections, to start installation of the heating system?This you can read in the article "Grouping, crimping and installation of radiators" Online NewsHouse.ru
One of the most common problems in apartment buildings - low temperature coolant in the heating system.In many cases these have resorted to increasing the number of radiators, fed from one riser heating.The theme of "Driving a serial connection of two radiators in the apartment," tells you how to correctly perform the installation of an additional battery.

Ask a question about how to troubleshoot the installation of radiators for violations of the heating system as a whole and in particular radiators, you can in the theme "Do not warm bimetallic battery."

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