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09 April 2016
in the household and in the garden saw - an indispensable tool for which there will always be work.The increasing popularity at home in recent years become electric chain saws.This is not surprising: less expensive than traditional saws chainsaws, easier to use and maintain, less noisy and does not poison the air exhaust.It would seem that the benefits are obvious.But not all so simple.
In fact, an unambiguous answer to the question, gasoline or electric saw is better to buy for the household, of course, does not exist.Not casually users FORUMHAUSE, debating on this subject, lead many arguments in favor of both options.
advantages of chain electric saws:
low noise and vibration;
simple operation, do not need the skills of handling the internal combustion engine;
no exhaust, can be operated in closed rooms;
cheaper than a chainsaw, including maintenance.
main thing is what loses electric saw gasoline - is the lack of mobility: the forest to harvest dead wood it will n
ot take, and the section "scope of its activity" will be limited to a length of cord.The cord, especially when using an extension cord, the same inconvenience.He underfoot, we have all the time to make sure that he did not get into the area and was not damaged.In addition, an electric saw can not work in wet weather: there is a risk of electric shock.Often have to interrupt your work - to cool the motor windings so that it is not too hot, and the tool is not out of order.And this has a negative impact on performance.
Another drawback of electric saws, compared to its gasoline cousin, called the low power, and thus, again, - and performance.However, this is misleading, says forumchanin wind1wind : mainly electric chain saws saws do not lose power, and the number of revolutions of the engine and, consequently, in the speed of the circuit.
wind1wind :
- I compared the speed sawing "Husqvarna-435" (1.6 kW) and "Champions 324" (2.4 kW).Transverse cuts easily Peel gasoline timber "Husqvarna" making faster cuts but butt, curly gain seats in the wood longitudinal cuts faster the already electric "Champion".That is, because prosazhivanie revolutions advantage disappears and higher speed of the chain.
Most members of the forum agree that the issue of choice must be addressed individually, based on the tasks for which buy tools.Entirely electric saw no substitute for petrol, but in many cases, its use will be much more convenient and profitable.Working in the garden, pruning trees, firewood for the bath and the villa ovens and other one-time work - the case for an electric saw.For construction and renovation, it is also useful.But if you will need to saw firewood dozen cubic meters of logs, electric saw is perhaps not the best option.
BKyler :
- For petrol saw - mobility and all-weather capability.And here at the site and, in particular, under the roof of electric convenient.
So, first you need to decide what kinds of work and the intensity with which you use the saw.And another important point: how the grid of your home or summer cottage is suitable for power tools.From surges can burn electric saws.The "risk" are, first of all, low-powered engines with electric saw: the voltage drop in the network does not allow the engine to reach the rated capacity, it overheats and breaks down.Again, the old and the weak wiring can not withstand the load of the power when connecting.
therefore advises forumchanin TOlyanych , before leaning toward saws should calculate such factors:
  • how long ago changed the wiring;
  • when performed preventive maintenance work on boards, sockets switches;
  • whether there is a dedicated line for power saws;
  • whether properly equipped place for sawing;
  • availability of high-quality extension cable with power plug connectors.
deciding in favor of the electric saw, again, we find ourselves faced with a choice.The engine on the chain saws placed in two positions - along or across.The main difference between these options - in geometry of the body and, accordingly, a distance from the grip to the center of gravity and the rear handle to the tip of the guide bar.Saws with a transverse engine layout is wider and shorter, with a longitudinal - even longer.
Transverse more common because of structural simplicity, but not always convenient in terms of balancing.If you are going to, basically, saw wood, there is no much difference, is located along or across the engine, it is more a matter of habit and personal comfort.Another thing - the construction or repair is preferable to a longitudinal arrangement.
wind1wind :
- The wider blade enclosure, the less it is convenient to work in the inner corners of the room, especially in the left (when one wall is in front of the saw, and the second - to the left of it).In addition, we saw a transverse engine's center of gravity is further away from the plane of the sawing blade on hold on the planned cutting line has to spend extra effort.
Another selection criterion - the engine power saws, which depends on the time of its continuous operation and cutting speed, so - productivity.A more powerful engine better tolerate voltage fluctuations and overloads during operation.However, the more power is, the greater the weight of the tool and, of course, its price is higher.The best option for the home and garden - the power within the 1500-2200 watts.
Choosing the length of the guide bar depends, again, on the tasks that are sold under the instrument.Typically, complete with a saw is quite long tire (16-18 inches, i.e. 40-45 cm), based primarily on the sawing wood.However, the long bus inconvenient to work on a construction site.If you are going to use a saw to construction or repair work, it is better to purchase an extra set of chains and tires at length.For example, 10 or 12 inches (25 cm and 30 cm).An additional advantage of short circuits - they are cheaper.
more bus can be taken from a different manufacturer and, more importantly, that its tail was the same as that of the "native" tires, or at least as similar notes wind1wind.It is important that the chain tensioning system biscuit fell into the hole intended for it, through its chain oil lubricates the chain and the opening of the bus, rather than flowed past, and that the chain is mounted on a new tire, the motion does not hit the tabs on the housing cover saws and sprocket.
And one more thing: because of the different design drank the required number of chain links when you install the "non-native" tires do not always coincide with the number stamped on the tire itself.You may need one link in the chain is shorter or longer.
important detail when choosing a particular model saws - the presence of inertial brake.The main danger in the chainsaw - so-called "kick-back" or "kickback, when you touch the end of the tire surface material being cut tire casts aside sawyer.The defense in such cases should be the inertia brake.It included a shield, or a lever located to handle: arm and slips impact rests on the shield and the brake stops the chain.
Olegych :
- When an emergency stop is triggered, the circuit should be instantaneous.At the "kick-beke" bus arrives in the head for about 0.2 - 0.3 seconds.The brake must stop the chain in time three times shorter.
Useful options that affect the price of the instrument, - the system of protection against overheating, cutting off power when the preset threshold is exceeded, the temperature of the motor winding and the softstarter."Soft start" do a good job with a weak wiring.Since the starting current Saw several times the worker during her inclusion wiring can not survive.Softstarter limits inrush current and also accelerates gradually softening head start.
In addition to technical performance and various options, the most important criteria when choosing a particular brand saws is the presence of nearby service centers, access for the owner of consumables and the most frequently wear out and require replacement parts (sprocket, oil pump,graphite brushes, etc.).It is important to consider if you are aiming at the acquisition drank little-known, typically Chinese, manufacturers, redeeming attractive price.It is possible that the joy of the bargain then it will be overshadowed by the lack of opportunity to acquire an additional bus for saws or necessary spare parts.
Motorist :
- for personal use with a small intensity of Chinese saw - an interesting option, especially given the significant savings in costs.With heavy use, they, unfortunately, do not yet have a decent lifetime and regularly presented with "surprises".
This buying expensive model saws from a reputable manufacturer, too, is not always justified, especially if your budget is limited, or purchased for drinking "hazardous" conditions.For example, when sawing plastered walls where the plaster dust from penetrating into the body, the motor windings and other parts - the life of the saw from any manufacturer greatly reduced.Does it make sense to pay more for quality?But if you're going to cut boards, lumber and logs in the construction or firewood, and you want to drink to serve you for many years - indeed, it is better to look at the possibility of a more expensive, high-quality and durable for use in these conditions the tool from established companies.
Recommendations regarding the selection of specific models of electric chain saws, a discussion of their advantages and disadvantages - in this section of the forum.In this branch forum users exchanging experiences and electrical repair chain saws.Here - all about choosing and operating guide bars and chains.About manual and electric tools necessary for self-construction frame house, explains in this video.