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26 April 2016
It can be done in two ways: firstly, by means of mechanical devices, and secondly, due to the use of different air supply devices (valves), embedded in a window structure or mounted on the wall, which provide a continuous supply of fresh air.

functionality of these systems ventilation is wider than the possibility of window mechanics, because the ventilation device able to create a comfortable air environment in the room even with the windows closed.

The main difference between the airing of the room through an open window or using a ventilated device is that the ventilation system, airing the room, at the same time protects it from noise and rain, and also saves energy and reduces heating costs.Open a window for ventilation, as has been said, does not create any obstacles for either too cold and polluted air, or for street noise.

It is also important that the use of ventilation systems can ventilate the room at any time of the day, with the windows closed and, regardless of the presence of man in it.

mechanical devices. Mounted on plastic, and in wooden and aluminum windows.They let companies producing accessories and windows, as well as specializing in the manufacture of various automation devices.As a rule, all mechanical ventilators operate with an electric drive.Different can be the principle of their action.

Thus, the mechanical ventilator for flip (tilt and turn) the valves are mounted on wood, plastic and wood-aluminum windows can consist of two parts, one of which contains the drive and is mounted on the frame, and the other - the sash.When the actuator pushes or pulls the second part of the mechanism and opens or closes the flap.The quantity is regulated by opening limiting devices available fittings in a window.A mechanical ventilator is supplied with this type of locking overload and switches off as soon as the leaf reaches the stop.In addition, it can be equipped with ventilation device fast, recline fold by pressing the right button, and closing it after a specified time;as well as automatic timer ventilation, which is itself controlled flaps in accordance with the programmed time - the opening and closing (the device allows you to program management of the sash for a few days).

should be noted that the possibility of automatic locking the window sash after closing depends upon the design of the ventilator.

Some models of mechanical ventilators supplied remote control allows you to open and close the flap setting its largest discovery in any desired position and program different ventilation slots and set a specific angle tilt sash.

scheme of action of the ventilator to be installed under the sill

There are models of mechanical ventilators, which are installed on the window sash in place of the handle and simultaneously perform its function.The management of such devices can be carried out manually or via remote control;the possibility of programming an automatic mode of ventilation.

devices can also be connected to a ventilation control system for centralized ventilation for a given program.Additional convenience of such models is the built-in sensors of rain and wind, which are mounted on the outside of the leaf and bad weather sent a team to cover the device window.

more powerful electro-mechanical ventilators are on the worm gear, which is not only open and close the window shutters, and lock them securely.

Such vents are installed on the window frame, a special console, through which the ventilator body deviates from the plane window.The devices can be mounted on the swing and folding boxes, with opening both inside and out.For very large flaps can be used not one but two instruments, control of the work that can be done with a special synchronizer.

In the past few years, manufacturers have developed an interesting model of the "invisible" the ventilator, which is located under the windowsill, and almost imperceptible in the interior.

Such vents are very economical in power consumption, can be installed in place of the sill, keeping windows and carrying the load while the entire complex ventilation.

Some devices are equipped with special valves protivovetrovymi.

certain drawback of this type of electro-mechanical ventilators is that they are not suitable for roof windows and roof lights, flaps which are inclined or horizontally.

No less interesting are vents on the basis of a chain drive and rack device.

In the first case, a chain of high-strength steel, the compact device is placed in the housing and, due to the peculiarities of its design, it can be bent only in one direction.

In "rectified" position, it behaves almost like a solid steel rail, and is capable of transmitting a large enough load.Chain drives are equipped with an electronic device and a forced stop sensor overload.

Different models of chain drives are able to develop various power effort.If necessary, the device can be mounted in tandem (especially manufacturers provide them for that purpose controllers synchronization or twin pump design - two in one case).Chain drives can be used to open the windows of almost any design: folding, swivel, tilt and turn, hatches, skylights.The body of the chain drive can be shaped like an elongated along the windows, and rectangular.

Pinion devices feature quiet operation, a large power (devices able to develop the force from 32 to 150 kg) and high reliability operation.The drive can not only open or close the window, but also to raise or lower its fold.

These devices can be controlled remotely.

order to ensure synchronous operation of multiple devices mounted on one flap, in which, as in chain modification, a dedicated controller integrated synchronizer.

drives can be mounted on the frame or sash windows open all options (for the large mass of the valves can be used tandem mechanism).However, because the pinion gear is installed perpendicular to the window, it is recommended to use it mainly for windows located at high altitude.

install air inlets is recommended only in a residential area.

directly at the severe air pollution (such as kitchen or bathroom) blowing device installed is not recommended to, first, to prevent the spread of odors in the apartment, and, secondly, in order not to reduce the effectiveness of ventilation in the house.Requirements for the installation of window air inlets of the regulated construction equipment.

example, recently offered manufacturers skylights window with medium-turning opening and interesting design feature - a special ventilation valve that allows air the room, regardless of weather conditions, the presence of ventilation, as well as the sash is closed.Improper ventilation in buildings, and the valve acts as a hood, bringing moist air from the room.Air flow is regulated by a special mechanism, and because in the vent used in plastic parts, the appearance of condensation in this case will not cause deformation or rotting windows (moisture evaporates quickly).

supply unit. These devices or vents, designed to provide a continuous flow of air.They work because created because of the wind or the operation of natural ventilation pressure difference inside and outside the building.

supply units (valves) are usually box-like structure.Schematically, the standard design the supply valve is shown in riunke.
and - ventilation device is closed;in - venting device is opened

There are several types of such devices: built directly into the window profiles, overhead and crashed into the wall, but the time-consuming installation on the wall and may disturb the architectural appearance of the building.

recessed vents, in turn, are subdivided into so-called passive and active.

Passive vents built into the open or dead leaf window or used as a filling in her deaf.The most popular on the market today uses continuous ventilator with noise reduction.It is mounted in already installed in the window opening, replacing the glazing, and may be used at ambient temperature to -30 ° C.Structurally the device is an aluminum box with thermal, movable gate and internal noise insulation, which can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

German manufacturers are a number of window air inlets that can be placed both horizontally and vertically, directly into the window frame.

Air enters the device from the street through the holes in the outer part, passes through the resonant sound absorber and comes into the room through the ventilation grille.To prevent the ingress of atmospheric moisture, they are equipped with visors.Internal grille can be opened and closed manually with a special lever.

active vents in the process may provide both the flow of fresh air into the room, and its hood.They are just as passive, embedded in the window design.Select the desired mode ("inflow" or "hood") is carried out by the switches.Typically, these devices are used in areas where there is a need for multiple cycles of air.

optimum supply of fresh air in a closed box, with no energy loss and street noise, can provide active noise reduction function provetrivatel with energy efficient.The instrument is specially designed as a load-bearing structure and the window-sill from the front of the tide rose.Such provetrivatel may be active or passive.In passive performance management degree air from the premises made valve.Active - tumbler.

Organization of the constant influx of fresh air (see. Fig.) Is carried out by using different air-supply units built into the design of the window, or mounted on the wall.When natural ventilation is the driving force of the wind and thermal thrust, while the mechanical fan, which is established or under the roof (in the individual house) or at the top of the building (in an apartment building).

scheme of the central nervous system of mechanical ventilation

Driving ventilation

valves, built in window profiles, mounted in the opening of the window block between sash and frame.Depending on the design of window profiles can be used by various devices.

most simple version of such a supply device is a horizontal slit width of 15 mm at the top of a window box with a flap on the lower suspension ( drawing ).Thus the outdoor air flow through the valve, and under the action of the convective flow from the heater under the window deviates ceiling of the room, dropping in the living area, usually at some distance from the window with parameters similar to parameters of indoor air.The length of the supply unit must be 200 mm shorter than the length of the window unit (100 mm on each side).In the middle of the gap (if a length of 1000 mm) holds spacer width 40 mm.

scheme supply unit with approximate dimensions

valve has a gasket 10 mm thick polyurethane foam and covers, or the gap of 15 mm on each side.In addition, it is equipped with a simple lock-regulating device with a remote control that provides smooth control of its position and locking.

For windows of the small width of the profile without secondary seal cartridge valve is mounted on the frame between it and fold in the upper area of ​​the window.The device is a rectangular plastic box without a lid and without a single long line that replaced the swinging double-lobe flap.One petal covers the air gap boxes at high pressure, and the other serves as a counterweight causes the first lobe deviate form permanently open gap (in the literature is a device called a "pen").Swing on the hinge suspension "pen" is regulating valve device.

The "pen" window ventilator

Manufacturers recommend installing window than one valve, and two, that allows to increase the inflow.And to outdoor air coming into the room during the cold season some time to warm up, the inlet for him to make a significant distance from the capsule: the outer contour of the seal in the lower area of ​​the window (on both sides) is removed or replaced with a decorative.If you removed or replaced, in addition, the seal at the bottom, then a gap is covered by a special rain shield.

air enters the air inlet and rises up between the frame and sash;During this time, the air heats up and goes into the room through the vent valve.It is understood that the air is warmer than the longer the path traversed by it.For greater efficiency of the device experts they advise to use the device with counterweights varying weights to each locked at its wind pressure.However, even in the moment when the valve closes, a certain amount of air still continues to flow into the room.

Devices of this type may be slightly different in structure.For example, the valve box can consist of two parts;"Pen" can be installed odnolepestkovym and not instead of the side wall and inside the capsule.Also, vents can be provided with noise insulation inserts, which are small rectangles of a material such as foam rubber, which are installed in a box.

In broad outline profiles with three seals, where such a device can not be established due to the secondary seal may be used other ventilation devices, the convenience of which basically consists in the fact that their installation is not introduced into the structure of the window irreversible changes.

For example, Western manufacturers recommend in this case to use a special window profile with "petals", which performs the same function as the rocking "pen" in the previous unit, that is, the wind slams.This profile across the upper area of ​​the window replaces the secondary seal.Outer seal, in turn, bottom, and partly on the sides of the sash is removed, only the remaining 200 mm from the top of the sides.In its place, a gap for air intake.

Another embodiment of the valve - the more compact "box with the tongue", equipped with all the improvements that the previous one.The difference with the installation of the device is also that the sealing medium circuit in the upper area of ​​the window is not completely removed, and partly towards the sides.Boxes installed on the vacant place and latched into the groove of the seal.

on windows, fitted with extra flap with single glass set specifically designed for their ventilators.