Gas-fired boilers

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25 April 2016

What to look for when choosing a gas boiler?Boilers which producers meet quality and are suitable for use in the difficult climatic conditions of Russia?These are the questions you will receive an answer in the topic "Choosing a gas boiler."

How to calculate the required flow rate of gas for heating?What determines the energy savings?Whether there are calculators for calculating heat loss areas - this and much more you will learn from the theme "Gas consumption for heating in the winter."

"Do I need a maintenance contract at the start of the boiler?" If gas service refuse to connect the boiler without MOT.If "yes, what should be the content of the contract. What are the requirements for you can submit a service company. With these materials, you will be introduced to the topic of the same name.

In the topic" do a project, a gas pipeline stretched (personal experience), "you can get acquainted with the coordinatesimplementing and evaluating their work, which developed the project, laid the pipelin

e was carried out and the gas connection.

How to protect the boiler from power surges on the network? Does it make sense to buy a computer uninterruptible power supply and what. Take a look at the theme "UPS gas boiler"and there you will find you are interested in the answer.

" Cyclical clocking gas boiler "- the theme. You know where you are allowed to stop work for domestic boilers? What are they fraught? Where is the line between" often "and" normal "? How to avoid such stops?

How to eliminate problems with " The power supply wall-mounted gas boiler ".In what situations arise malfunctions boilers ELECTRONIC burner?Read the topic, we draw conclusions.

How to choose the liquefied gas for gas-fired boilers in different seasons of use.How to connect the cylinders and where to place for the smooth operation of the boiler.You will learn about this topic "freezes bottled gas."

Another way to ensure uninterrupted power supply gas boiler discussed the topic "Backup power from the gasoline generator boiler."

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