Installation of the system of protection against leaks "Akvastorozh"

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24 April 2016

system leakage protection "Akvastorozh" is very simple, it is only three components: a leakage sensor, a controller and ball elektrokrany.The system works as follows: when the water is flowing, falls on the sensor, the signal of this controller.This device, in turn, sends a command elektrokranam block the flow of water.

When purchasing system "Akvastorozh" customer asks the question: is it possible to install the equipment by yourself?Yes, if you use the following instructions.

first thing you need to do when installing the system "Akvastorozh" - a place for ball valves introductory manual valves.Note that installing the tap "Akvastorozh" to the main valves or replace them can not be!

Install ball valves "Akvastorozh┬╗

cranes installed in the water supply system itself.What do I need to do?

  1. sure to close the opening valves before installing valves.
  2. Disconnect them tap wiring

3. Install cranes for introductory valves.

Thus, if the output of the valve opening of the "Pope" just screw the

tap "Akvastorozh."If - "Mama" (as in the picture), you will need to "American."

American - union nut, which is used when you need to connect two sections of thread without rotation, for example, the valve and the valve.

Wind Screwed fum-thread and screw the American woman at the opening tap.

Foum-thread (ribbon) seal threaded connections or refinish in the plumbing works, repair of household appliances, etc.

spins an American special key or hex.

Connect tap "Akvastorozh" with the opening valve.The flow of water at the tap should be directed according to the arrow on the metal surface of the crane.

Then connect the wiring you disconnected earlier to the tap "Akvastorozh."

After installing faucet "Akvastorozh" install filters, pressure regulator, meters, etc.

Mounting controller "Akvastorozh┬╗

controller installation is required to carry out in a clean, dry location, with humidity of 70%.This is done, for example, in the hallway, hallway, restroom, sanitary closet.

first put on the wall for fixing the plate layout.Drill holes for the two screws (are included).Use a screwdriver to tighten the plate and insert the controller.

Install leak sensors "Akvastorozh┬╗

wire sensors "Akvastorozh" set to open or covert seal wires.They fix or not fix.

Make hidden wiring can be even after the repair: wire lay on the plinth or tile joints.

  • Place the sensor wire into the seam between the tiles.
  • Fix bedplate on the floor with screws or double-sided tape.

  • Fix the plate on the bottom

  • Put decorative cap

Wireless sensors "Akvastorozh" does not require wiring, because they communicate with the controller via radio.

Just lay sensors in places of possible leaks if necessary - tighten bilateral adhesive tape on the floor.

System Configuration: connect the components to the controller

to establish a system of "Akvastorozh" and connect components to the controller, you will need to do these operations:

  1. Connect valves to the controller (in connectors on his board, they are called1 crane, crane 2, etc).

2. Connect the sensor to the controller (also available for this purpose connectors on the controller board, they are located on the left and numbered).

Wireless sensors immediately registered to the controller, so they do not need to be connected.

When installing a wired system "Akvastorozh" battery pack is connected to a special connector on the motherboard and connected to the main part of the controller.All wires are threaded into the hole.

Installation wire system leakage protection "Akvastorozh" finished.

to install wireless system "Akvastorozh" connect the radio base with the battery pack and attach it to the controller.

This wireless system installation "Akvastorozh" completed.

summarize: install leakage protection "Akvastorozh" is not difficult to deal with that even an amateur.It should be noted that the installation of the system depends on several factors:

  • number of risers in your house (apartment);
  • on whether there is free access to them;
  • number of devices installed on pipes;
  • method of wiring of sensors and valves (hidden or unhidden).

On average, for the installation of the system "Akvastorozh" take from half an hour to four hours.

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