How to clean water at home?

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24 April 2016

Before you get to us, water is treated at the water treatment plant and meets the sanitary-epidemiological norms.Why all doubt as the water from the tap?The fact is that in the future the water passes through many kilometers of water pipes, which are known to be more than a dozen years.Add to that the areas with stagnant zones, repairs to heating and water mains, and get fluid with many impurities.Such water is not something to drink, but in the washing machine to put scary.What to do?

The answer is simple - in addition to clean water at home, so it can be in the food and economic needs of the use.This can be done in the apartment, and in a private home by a post-treatment unit.The system offers three effective steps of water treatment - filtration, dosing (softening) and the production of drinking water of the highest quality.What is important - every stage - self-contained and can be used individually or in conjunction with other solutions.

first step - cleaning water from mechanical impurities

first stage of the preparation of water - cleaning it of solids - sand, metal chips, scale, mud, stumps, etc.All of this falls into the water from the water intake sites or pipeline network during installation, repair and maintenance of pipes and fittings.The presence of these substances reduces pipeline capacity.There are corroded and stagnant zones, broken control units of equipment for the purification and water supply and shut-off valves.Thus, the mechanical cleaning filters perform a very important role and significantly reduce operating costs, replacement and repair of control devices and equipment.

There are a number of screens.Models available from simple to high-end, for cold and hot water.

apartments suitable for normal inexpensive but high-quality equipment from BWT (Germany) - Filter Protector mini.As a rule, it is set at the entrance to the water supply system in stoyakovom bathroom cabinet.Protector mini operates simply, the raw water passes through the filter element to the outlet port, and then flows into the piping system.At the same time it is cleaned from mechanical impurities larger than 90 microns - that is enough.Filters can also be used with smaller cell size, but the water quality is not greatly affected, but the trouble with them - no end.

servicers too is not difficult - it is necessary to wash the filter element every two months or at lower water pressure, which happens as a result of clogging of the filter.During flushing the direct flow of water impurities go through the drain tap into the open tank or the hose connected to the tap fitting.

second step - protection against corrosion and limescale

Often in our homes and apartments comes quite hard water.It contains a lot of calcium and magnesium.The so-calledhardness minerals form a thin film on the hair, which is why they become dull.Such a film on the skin and prevents the natural fat metabolism.Therefore, after bathing the skin may be dry and itchy.No less goes and appliances: there is a scum on the teapot on the divider soul appear calcareous sediments on ceramics, mixers, mirrors are divorces.Poor mylitsya soap, struggling with the worst mud powders and wash things hard to iron.

Sound familiar?But that's not all.There is also something that is visually imperceptible.Namely - hard water forms a scum on the heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers, boilers, water heaters and other household appliances.This reduces the efficiency of heaters and increased energy consumption for heating.Proportional increases and pay for electricity.Experts estimate that 1 mm of scale increase the amount of expenses by 10%.Ultimately, lime deposits can result in damage to equipment failure.

This problem can be solved in several ways.The most inexpensive and easy - in proportion to dose minerals (polyphosphates).This allows you to, for example, metering BWT Quantomat.It is mounted on the cold water line.As is well known, it is intended for use in food, as well as a dishwasher and washing machines, water heaters or other equipment.The dispenser adds water polyphosphates.In accordance with European and national regulations for potable water, the proportion is 4 mg per 1 L of water.

These substances are harmless to health and even have in food.The water is treated using Quantomat, you can drink.Hardness salts remain therein, but due polyphosphates, they can not "adhere" to the inner surface of the heater.In addition, the active substance entering the tube walls are formed on their protective film, which prevents the formation of salt deposition and corrosion.As a consequence, with such a device the tube is not overgrown.


Aquadial Softlife

second way to combat hard water - installation of classic softener, say Aquadial Softlife.It improves the water by ion exchange of calcium and magnesium salt solution.This option is more expensive.In addition, you will need to find a place for such a device.But the result is worth it: the water is soft, and once you solve all the above mentioned problems.Most often resorted to this embodiment in private homes or large flats.

third step - drinking water from the tap

Hardly anyone now drink the water without boiling it.Those who doubt the quality of the water from the tap, bottled or buy additional cleaning filter set (for example, under the sink).This equipment operates on the basis of two fundamentally different approaches.

first is to completely remove the water dissolved salts.The result is a so-calleddemineralized water.So are the reverse osmosis.Water thoroughly deprived of mineral salts, there are only a molecule of water and gases.However, some experts believe that excessive "purity" is harmful to humans, because our body is constantly in need of salts of sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other trace elements that come to us with water.Therefore, companies that produce reverse osmosis, are advised after such treatment or additional mineralized water use vitamins containing mineral salts.By the way, devoid of mineral water is not everyone will like, because it is salt stiffness and give it a taste.

second method - when during purification many useful minerals remain in the water and remove only the unwanted components.This can be done by installing, for example, three-stage filter for drinking water, which contains an ultrafiltration membrane BWT Woda-pure.Filter put in endpoint abstraction of water under the kitchen sink.It retains the natural dyes (for example, humic substances), chlorine, improves organoleptic and microbiological properties of water.

water is first passed through a plug of activated carbon with the addition of silver, and then - through a microfilter and fiber ultrafiltration membrane.These cleaning elements are placed in a single compact cartridge.As a result, the water is cleaned of all hazardous substances: 100% - from active chlorine, 98% - from pesticides and insecticides from the salts of heavy metals.The filter also fights bacteria and viruses, which are not rare in the Russian context.Such water can be drunk without boiling, it can only be heated to 75 ° C, which is especially important for the fans of green tea.

cost of equipment

We will not talk about the cost of the work, since all the equipment can be set independently, acting in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.The main costs will account for the acquisition and operation of treatment systems.

So Protector mini filter for cold water will cost 39 euros for goryachey- from 67 euros.The device - without consumables will last at least 10 years.

proportional dispenser Quantomat Price starts from 45 euros.Included - two packages of polyphosphate (80 g).One package is enough for about half a year for a family of 3-4chelovek.Polyphosphate powder is 5 euros.If instead you put softener dispenser Aquadial Softlife, your costs will be more - depending on the version, from 604 euros.

Filters for drinking water Woda-pure with a cartridge and valve connection kit for pure water is 179 euros.One cartridge Woda-pure enough for 10,000 liters.The manufacturer recommends to change cartridges twice a year.Retail cartridge price - 124 euros, so that in one liter of purified water you pay around 1 euro cent, or just 58 cents.Agree, it is much cheaper than buying purified water in bottles!

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