Tame the wind.

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23 April 2016

Beauty "golden autumn" disappears, the garden becomes untidy.If you leave it in a way that perfectly cocoons pests spend the winter.And the land will be covered with a tight spring slippery half-rotted leaf canopy, under which it will not be able to quickly warm up and breathe.What to do?The answer is clear: to remove leaves.We undertake rakes and sadly combed territory.In turn tight corners hard, but to seedlings, bushes and planting flowers with a blunt instrument podstupat scary: what if something will hurt?The work is heavy, dull and "multistage": sweep, rake in heaps, heaps of small gathering to a large burn ... Can all this be avoided?Yes - if the float garden vacuum cleaner.

Types and

name is not entirely accurate, invented "for clarity" by analogy with a home vacuum cleaner.That's right - the blower.It does three things: 1) an air jet pumped out, blows away the leaves, cut grass, debris and wood debris and collects them in a heap;2) a stream of air sucked in, absorbs foliage, grass, garb

age and debris into a special bag-collection;3) incorporates not only, but also crushes waste to condition mulches, so that its volume is decreased 8-12 times.For suction and discharge pipes, it is provided with a blower nozzles (delivery pipe - smaller in diameter and with a slot nozzle air jet to beat precisely, suction - more in diameter, straight or flared to better swallow the garbage).The direction of the air is adjusted by turning the fan or turbokolesa.Rubbish special impeller grinds.

The design of blowers are divided into household and professional use, the type of drive - on electric and petrol.Power electric blowers does not exceed 1-1.2 kW petrol is much more powerful (up to 3 kW).To household are mostly hand garden blowers low and medium power;a professional - the powerful backpack, applicable in municipal services, and self-propelled blower to clean very large areas (golf courses, football fields, regular parks).Self-propelled blower-shredder able to grind even plastic bottles and beer cans.

Operation, Safety and TO

Blower - quite productive tool.Even the not very powerful manual models the discharge air outlet pipe is 60 to 90 m / sec.(This is the wind speed at a strong hurricane), the amount of air pumped - up to 1 thousand cubic meters per hour, performance on the "final product" - a few hundred liters of mulch per hour.With the help of a vacuum cleaner garden you will quickly clean your garden of leaves and debris will reach the closest it over, where a rake and broom powerless.You can directly absorb and crush the leaves and debris;You can first blow them on every side, and assemble together, and then crushed;You can restrict blown into the open, and the rest is done manually.We just need to make sure that when working in suction mode the blower no metal objects, stones, and a major solid waste that can damage the grinding device.

All dangerous parts of the manual are hidden in the blower housing.Therefore, the safety of it boils down to a simple care.It costs nothing to draw with paper and grind important records, documents, money (in any amount), children's soft toys and cosmetics dear lady ...

owner can independently blower to clean the dust-collecting bag and fan-shredder residues from mulch, monitor,to the suction pipe is not jammed large objects to clean the air inlet grille from the dust.Faulty motor, fan, turbine and parts of the chopper must repair and replace only company that has taken the warranty and maintenance.

Maxim Kalugin

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