Diesel heating country house

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23 April 2016

When building the house of one of the priority tasks of any developer is the question: «And what heat the home?» .It is well known that burn gas trunk conveniently and cheaply.But what if the pipes «blue fuel» not, and move on to solid fuel does not want to?What else can heat a house?The theme of our material - heating on diesel fuel.

Based on the experience of participants Forumhouse.ru we will tell you about the advantages, disadvantages, as well as the peculiarities of the diesel heating of a country house.

The main advantages of the diesel heating are:

  • Low installation costs.Installation of other heating systems, comes more expensive than central heating on diesel fuel;
  • Unlike the gas boiler, the installation of a diesel boiler does not require obtaining permits;
  • no need of installation of a complex system of the chimney.The wall is a hole, and out of the outside is displayed chimney;
  • Ability to fully automate the diesel boiler.The boiler automatically maintains the desired temperature
    of the water in the heating system.If the water has cooled down - burner turns on itself, and turns off when the water has reached the desired temperature;
  • availability of fuel.

Among the main drawbacks of diesel heating systems can be distinguished:

  • High price of heating.Due to the constant increase in the cost of diesel fuel burn diesel fuel is more expensive than out - gas, coal, firewood and pellets;
  • Volatility.For operation of the boiler must be a permanent power supply;
  • Since the Local may contain various impurities, to power the boiler must use high-quality fuel;
  • fuel smell and noise during operation.Perform additional soundproofing the room where the boiler is installed.

diesel heating system, where to start?

In today's market there is a huge list of companies offering diesel boilers.Diesel boiler efficiency, depending on the manufacturer and the design features of the model varies from 75% to 85%.

dual-circuit model boilers fired with not only housing, but also provide the house with hot water.

question that in the first place most homeowners ask: "And what will be the consumption of diesel fuel during operation of the heating system?»

Member forumhouse.ru (nick Offline Konstantin ):

- diesel fuel consumption at a constant 0.9 liters per working hour.And the average 0.5-0.7 L / h.But such spending can only be achieved in a very well-insulated house.Averaged diesel consumption of 1 liter / hour per 100m2.

But before you go and buy a boiler, you must first determine the place of its installation - boiler.

Another user forumhouse. ru (nick Offline Hortek SPB ) advises when the diesel boiler unit to focus on the rules applicable to the gas boiler, namely:

  • Ceiling height - not less than 2.2 m;
  • area - not less than 4 square meters.m per pot;
  • doorway - not less than 80 cm;
  • window - for every 10 cubic meters.m premises - 0.3 square meters.m window;
  • Ventilation - 8 square meters.cm per 1 kW nominal power, or 30 square meters.cm to 1 kW, if the inflow of air from the interior;
  • cross-sectional area of ​​the chimney must not be less than the area of ​​the outlet section of the boiler;
  • Channel inflow of natural ventilation at a distance of 30 cm from the ceiling;
  • Power Source, located on a separate machine;
  • tire ground loop;
  • margin of diesel fuel in a boiler, not more than 800 liters.

Hortek SPB:

- Since diesel boiler requirements are not as strict as for gas, in practice, put tanks and 2,000 liters, and the windows do less or do not.The main thing - to be the inflow of air and space for servicing the boiler.

When the device diesel boiler should pay attention to this important fact, that for boilers with turbo burner does not require expensive installation of a special chimney.It will be enough to buy a coaxial chimney and bring it through the wall.This tube effectively removes the products of combustion into the atmosphere iodnovremenno takes fresh air from outside.

also produced models of diesel boilers allow at any time to dismantle the diesel and the gas burner.The acquisition of this type of boiler will save your funds, if in the long term is expected to connect to the gas pipeline.

pretends boiler output

And what a power boiler to choose?To properly calculate the power of the boiler must take into account several parameters:

  • House area;
  • ceiling height;
  • thickness of insulation;
  • number of windows.

But in order to outline the milestones, you can resort to the help of the table:

with a ceiling height of 3 meters boiler output is calculated from the ratio of 1 kW to 10m2.If you intend to install a 2-loop boiler, which will provide the house with heat and hot water supply, the power should be increased by about 20% from that indicated in the table.

When choosing a diesel boiler should take into account such a time as the material from which made the heat exchanger of the boiler.Since the sulfur content of diesel fuel, the combustion is formed at its caustic condensate which could lead to the formation of corrosion that may eventually destroy the metal.Therefore, relying on the user experience Forumhouse.ru be recommended to use boilers with heat exchangers made of stainless steel or cast iron.

fuel tank

By choosing containers for storage of diesel fuel should be treated as carefully as the choice of the boiler.So what are the requirements to tank?

First - you need to determine the place of storage capacity.No matter whether the tank is located in a boiler room or next to the house is required to perform one of the main conditions - namely unimpeded access fueling machine.Although the length of the hose modern tankers may exceed 30 meters, interesting user experience forumhouse.ru (nick Offline ar _ ca ):

- Since tanker hose is heavy enoughand dirt, then if to drag him into the house must put something on the bends and rapids.The diameter of the nozzle of the filling gun is 50 mm and 1400 liters of diesel fuel I filled in less than 10 minutes.In the case of fuel spills can be a place to throw sawdust.

also ar _ ca advises to pay attention to the next.After refueling tanker remains in the hose about 50 liters of diesel fuel, and if you do not want «present» its driver, the fuel must be drained in advance pripasёnnuyu capacity.

What else you need to pay attention to?

Excerpt from SP 41-104-2000 "Design of autonomous sources of heat," says that the capacity of the supply tank installed in the boiler room must not exceed 0.8 m3.This volume is not enough to create a complete heating system.Although often, many of the users of diesel heating boiler installed in tanks of 2000 - 4000 liters, the most expedient way to store fuel - is the installation of the fuel tank is dwelling.

This mounting method promises additional benefits:

  • No need to start a tanker hose into the house.And that means no dirt and odor in the boiler room;
  • additional security in the event of a spill of fuel;
  • Because of the lack of bulky tanks increases the effective area boiler.

include tanks, the greatest demand is vertically aligned tanks from 800 to 2,000 liters.In case of need, based on them, you can create a large fuel storage capacity.To do this, the tanks are connected to each other by elements of the fuel piping, which allows to increase the boiler operating time on one filling.

Member forumhouse.ru (nick Offline vlad220 ) advises:

- Tanks for tanks are different - plastic, metal, fiberglass.There is also a underground storage of fuel.For small volumes of storage - no more than 2,000 liters to bury the tank is not required.The main street in the fuel storage tank insulate properly.If the fuel is held in an unheated area, it is necessary to protect it from freezing.

The organization of the boiler with a tank located outdoors is necessary to provide an additional pump that will pump the fuel into the boiler room.In this case, the boiler will be required to place a small tank capacity from 100 to 200 liters, which is injected from the main fuel tank.

Features of operation of the diesel boiler in winter

Since winter viscosity of diesel fuel increases markedly, the pump may not have enough power to pump fuel through the fuel line.Therefore, if a diesel fuel tank installed at a considerable distance from the boiler, it is necessary to provide additional thermal insulation of the fuel.Also, when the boiler unit must be remembered that the quality of diesel fuel is different and therefore the power supply system of the boiler is required to enable the fuel filter.

Setting fuel tank under the ground, is associated with high material costs and requires a large amount of preparatory excavation and proper installation of the power.

can say that diesel heating a country house - a complete solution, consisting of a variety of factors that require knowledge and experience.Learn more about the operation of the diesel boiler can be of forum threads www.forumhouse.ru, and discussions are conducted liquid-fuel boilers and burners.