What if the boiler is bursting?

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22 April 2016

deposits on the inner walls of the heat exchanger - the main cause of failure of the device.Typically, it is formed due to deposits of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium salts, which restrain a used water.Than it is fraught, know all users of boilers: from the tap flows a trickle barely warm water, boiler operation is accompanied by an unpleasant noise and crackling, and then turns off the burner or boiler, and the consumption of gas and electricity has grown significantly.As a result, the inhabitants of the house and all may be left without hot water.And then rush home to look for spare parts, and even considering to replace the entire boiler or heat exchanger.Can you solve the problem anyway?

adjust work heating equipment will Cleaning heat exchanger from scale .It is carried out by means of special preparations and devices.Usually descaling a special device - washing station with a capacity for liquid mud and reversible pump.Mandatory and a set of chemical reagents for solution.Very often

, such washing compositions - aggressive enough.In their preparation, it is important to strictly observe the recommended concentration, otherwise can damage the gasket in the boiler.For quality of cleaning the heat exchanger from scale also need to calculate the performance and capacity of the pump.

to flush and clean the heat transfer equipment, perform a series of simple but effective actions:

  • wash unit attached to the heat exchanger;
  • find the right agent based on the material teplobmennika;
  • to prepare a solution of a specific reagent and heat it to the desired temperature;
  • include installation mode of circulation and produce washing;
  • make sure that the scale is dissolved (this can be done by using special test kits);
  • neutralizing solution rinse and drain the waste composition;
  • wash water heat exchanger;
  • spend passivation (creation of protective film) cleaned surface;
  • disable wash unit from the heat exchanger.

these activities is usually enough to restore heat to a working state.

To prevent the occurrence of problems, clean the heating equipment should be done regularly.Just say that this work is best left to professionals: they have the necessary skills and special equipment.In addition, only professionals know what chemical reagents and doses used for cleaning and rinsing the device, they are known to all the features of a water heating apparatus and the heat exchanger.

For example, consider the material from which the heat exchanger is made.For example, for cleaning cast iron heat exchanger is important to find a suitable wash solution, so clean it by yourself is prohibited.Also of great importance and type of heat exchangers (tube or plate).Its features have clean and combi boilers in which one circuit heats the water for general use and the other - for the heating system.To no mess and not to aggravate the situation, you need to contact the service center: Specialists will understand what brand (type) of your heat exchanger and how to correctly remove it scum.

Some homeowners ignore this rule and try to clean themselves water heating equipment.As a result, due to improperly prepared wash solution can damage seals and gaskets.Keep in mind that the mistake in the case of independent action could cause serious damage to the boiler and heat exchanger.And on the elimination of these problems will require a lot more resources than a challenge to master for service equipment.If failure happens in the winter, it will be a disaster.

BWT Group produces equipment for different power washing heat exchangers and heating equipment.All settings are made from the company BWT industrial plastics.They are used to remove lime and other deposits from the interior surfaces of heat exchangers in ventilation, heating and air conditioning.What is important - washing machines are equipped with a system that can change the direction of flow of the cleaning solution.This allows you to rinse the equipment without dismantling it.
Washing equipment and reagents company BWT not only greatly enhance the effectiveness of all types of heat exchangers, but also increase their lifetime.All work will be carried out by specialists without damaging the internal surfaces and seals!

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