Warm floor - tips and advice on choosing

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22 April 2016

I believe that readers forumhouse.ru agreed with the arguments that the house or apartment is much more pleasant to walk barefoot or in socks?But often, concrete or wooden base, with laid on his floor covering, not a comfort.Walking on this floor is cold and unpleasant.

Hence, the solution suggests itself - to make our warm floor, and ideally, to arrange everything so that the floor is not only warmed the legs, but also became a full heating for the entire room, creating a microclimate closest to the ideal.

But where to start and how to choose the right system?

Most developers have heard that there are two basic types of underfloor heating:

  • The water floor heating;
  • Electric floor heating.

The main advantages of the water floor heating are:

  • reduces the cost of heating the premises;
  • uniform heating of the entire volume of the room;
  • No harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Among the main drawbacks of the water floor heating, you can select the high initial costs of installation and materials


The main advantages of electric floor heating are:

  • electric floor quickly reaches the desired temperature;
  • long service life;
  • Can be laid on top of old coating.

But the main drawback of the electric floor heating - is the increased consumption of electricity.

So, based on the experience of participants and comments forumhouse.ru spetsialistovmy tell you:

  • The fact that you need to know for the correct choice of a warm floor;
  • of the construction of water systems and electric underfloor heating;
  • On peculiarities of installation of water and electrical underfloor heating.

warm floor system - what is it?

Nowadays no one is surprised water systems or electric underfloor heating in a private house or apartment.With the help of modern technology, you can install underfloor heating in two main ways:

1. mounted in the floor electric heating cables;

2. Fit the pipes to the floor connected to the heating system.

But which of the two systems, it is best suitable for your home?

seek clarification from the head of the technical department of the direction "Internal engineering systems" company REHAU Sergey G. Bulkin .

- floor heating systems can be used as the core, and in the form of additional heating and have a number of advantages over traditional radiators.Among them is the increased thermal comfort, and economy.This primarily applies to water floor heating installed in the gas line connected to the country house.But to finally understand what to choose, you must understand the principle of water and electric underfloor heating.

operating principle of water underfloor heating

At the heart of the warm water floor heating is a network of pipes, which circulates coolant - hot water.

It should be noted that this system is not suitable for multi-residential buildings with existing stoyakovoy wiring, and its installation is prohibited by law, as it leads to imbalance of the heating system at home.

cottage in the building or in apartment buildings in which water floor heating system is designed for the whole building, a warm water floor, not only has no limitations for installation, but will be the best solution to ekonomicheskoytochki view.

As a rule, the installation system is "wet" method: heating pipes laid on the reinforcement mesh or fixed on special mats, and then filled with concrete screed.In cases where the ceiling of the building are not able to withstand the combined weight of the concrete and the floor covering, for example, in older homes, the restoration to be applied "dry" method of installation.

principle of operation of the electric floor heating

Jobs electric underfloor heating is based on the principle of converting electrical energy into heat.The heat source in the system is a heating cable with a braided shield that minimizes the level of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Rugged cable insulation protects it from damage in the areas of heat and makes it possible to use the system, even in rooms with high humidity, such as in the bathroom.

Unlike water underfloor heating, the heating cable is ideal for installation in apartments.Mats, which is attached cable have a small thickness, and mounted in a layer of tile adhesive, allowing the electric floor heating system does not affect the height of the room.However, the decision to call an absolutely perfect difficult as operating costs in water underfloor heating is much lower.

Advantages of floor heating

Often the homeowner or resident of the apartment buildings is a difficult choice - a warm floor it set to achieve the maximum level of comfort.

Sergey G. Bulkin:

- Both developments are able to create a comfortable temperature in the house and use the most favorable to the human scheme of heat - "feet warm head cold."Residents of apartments in houses suschestvuyuschihpanelnyh preference should be given the electric warm floor, and the owners of cottages can stay in the water system.

What is the main advantage of a warm floor in front of a conventional heating system?

According to product manager of the company "Ego Engineering" Artem Podymova :

- warm floor creates an ideal temperature distribution in height.Zone comfortable temperature for a person in radiator heating is at a distance of the order of 140-150 cm above the floor.Until level 50 cm from the floor temperature does not exceed 16-17 degrees, and the main warm air, as we know from school physics course, goes to the ceiling.Using the floor heating leads to temperature distribution in the vertical sequence in the most comfortable.

floor heating does not create such powerful convective flows as radiators, heat is distributed evenly in the air is not circulating dust.

When using underfloor heating, is also conserved natural humidity.Since the system of floor heating, unlike the conventional heating system is almost not burn oxygen in the air.

Features of operation of the water floor heating

Since water underfloor heating system, as a rule, does not apply to the central heating system, it is recommended to install external sensors monitor the temperature of the air, as if the system is set up automatically, it willoptimally adjust the temperature in the house in the absence of it in the home.

Additionally, you can customize chronothermostats so that the room temperature is automatically lowered when in the absence of the owners, as well as increased when they return home.This setting lets you save significantly on heating costs.

What else needs to know about the features of a consumer installation of water warm floor?

Artem Podymov :

- The system must be built on a monobrand, because if the consumer will buy the components or system components out separately, it runs the risk of not 100% compatible components during installation.Work on installation of the system must be performed by a qualified installer, as an independent configuration and installation of the system may result in damage and failure of the pump and mixing unit, as well as leaks in the event of defective seals.

specialist also must correctly calculate and adjust the settings using the coolant flow meters and shut-off and control valves.If the parameters have been set correctly, then the operating system the user can face the fact that the floor or overheated, or vice versa does not provide the necessary heat and warms the room.

Recommended work heating medium is not more than 45 C, maximum temperature 50-55 C.

Features installation of floor heating

Developers are well aware of the fact that the installation of any engineering system requires a professional approach.Was no exception and floor heating system.

seek clarification from the expert on underfloor heating systems Vitaly Luzhetsky (nick Offline Vitaon ).

- As mentioned above, in a private house definitely should use water heated floor as on the reliability and the cost of heating it is more advantageous than an electric floor heating.Among the advantages of electric floor heating can be identified lower initial installation costs, since it is not required for making a thick screed on the floor, the heating cable can be placed directly under the tile.Among the disadvantages of high power consumption, which leads to higher costs to pay for electricity.

If we consider the electric floor heating as the heating system in the apartments of 100 m2, the required capacity will be 10.8 kW, so the flats, electric underfloor heating are often used for heating small areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and balconies.

For high-quality floor heating installation must be good insulation subfloor.Most often used for this purpose polystyrene.Above the insulation is laid thermally screen - this allows you to direct heat across the screed.

next stage of work involves the installation of heating elements warm floor.Be it a heating cable or conduit supplying hot water for a dashing one - surface stability.When laying the pipes of the water floor heating should remember one of the main rules.

Vitaly Luzhetsky:

- main type of snail laying so warm evenly.Laying of the snake is used in small rooms and outside walls, where cold.Adjusting the temperature of warm water produced floors mixing unit which mixes hot water from the boiler and have chilled water which flows back through pipes.

As a central control unit for the water floor heating distribution comb used with installed on it is applied and the temperature regulating valves. Electric floor heating, regulated by thermostat only measure the temperature with a sensor imbedded in the floor, which turns off the heating cable from the electricity supply when the preset threshold temperature.

is also worth considering that the radiant floor heating to raise the average level of the floor by 5-7 cm, which leads to a corresponding reduction in the height of the ceiling.

Water floor heating as the heating system at home

think a lot of people are forumhouse.ru heard that the water floor heating can be used as the main heating system of the house.It sounds great, but what are the necessary conditions?

Vitaly Luzhetsky:

- To use the water warm floor as home heating, you must first calculate the heat loss of the house.Since different floor surface finish has a different heat.For example: tiles 100 W / m2, laminate 70 W / m2, carpet and linoleum 40-60 W / m2, the board of 50-60 W / m2, the lower the thermal conductivity of the material the lower its returns.

If heat loss from the house below these values ​​with different coatings, so the floor can serve as a main source of heating.If the heat loss do not overlap floor heating, you must install additional heating.

Summarizing it can be said that the selection and correct installation of floor heating requires a thoughtful approach and expertise.Only then will the system for years to come delight you with its trouble-free operation!

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