European leader, the company is an innovative linkage BWT filter E1

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21 April 2016

There are many types of filters on the market: direct and reverse circulation, manual and automatic control.Operation of the filter is one feature - users completely forget about the need to monitor the status of the filter element.At the same time, they either rely on automation (if permitted by the design), or they find that it is difficult, and wait until the filter stops filtering the water.This is followed by a call service officer.

European leader, the company BWT is a revolutionary filter arm E1 from the family of filters for mechanical cleaning of the cold water of a country house that can combine the highest quality water filtration and ease of use.

In Europe, the product has entered the market in 2013 and managed to get the award Plus X Award "Product of the Year 2013" for innovation in four categories.In 2014 the company introduced the BWT product on the Russian market.

Filter E1 is the first link filter in the world - a new type of filter is designed to provide unique advantages in terms

of hygiene, efficient water filtration, as well as the simplicity and efficiency of service.Innovation, high quality, ease of use and functionality became outstanding characteristics of the product that impressed the panel of judges Plus X Award.

Every year Plus X Award, a prestigious award in the world of technology, sports and lifestyle, is awarded to innovative, environmentally friendly, quality products that make our lives comfortable and pleasant.Unique lever filter E1, designed by BWT, guaranteed to protect all household equipment and drinking water from mechanical particles and solids even at the entrance of water in the house, extending their service life.In contrast to the characteristics of the replacement of the filter element in the classical mechanical filters that require specific knowledge and skills, replace the filter element in the lever E1 filter in seconds can even a child.

BWT company specialists have developed a unique design and a simple sequence of actions: the replacement of the cartridge is now occurs without splashing and takes no more than 20-30 seconds:

  1. Turn tap down.Thus there is overlap of water flow in both directions.
  2. Raise the lever up.Pull hygienic plastic flask with filter element.
  3. Replace the cartridge in the flask, the flask was inserted into the filter and lower the lever all the way down.Return the faucet handle to the original position.

This system minimizes the risk of contamination of the filter element with the hygienic replacement, as there is no need to touch the parts in contact with water.

flashing indicator on the filter to remind you of the need to replace the cartridge.
Filter E1 has built a pressure reducer and a pressure gauge.
Hygienic, easily and securely than ever before!

Development lever filter E1 represents an important milestone in filtration technology, greatly reducing the time for filter maintenance by the user, and sets new standards of hygiene in the process of replacing the filter.E1 safer, more hygienic and easier to use than any other filter.

made in Germany.
retail price of 230 euros.

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