What is a script and everything about it.

By Admin | Smart House
19 April 2016
One of the most common concepts in the circle of terms related to the system of "smart home" - is the concept of the script.You can often find a phrase, such as "light" scenario.You probably guess that the script refers to the intellectual capabilities of the home.And yet, what is the scenario and what it eats?

Scripts smart home - a pre-programmed smart home system behavior to an event.An event can be defined keystroke (for example, a short or long press), the signal from the sensor (eg, movement, temperature, brightness level of light), the team with the remote control or a computer, triggering a timer time or schedule, etc..

Afterobtain practical skills operating system scripting will be entertainment for children and adults.The content of the scenarios is primarily determined by lifestyle and fantasy owners and depends on the system configuration and tasks.

For example, in the "script library" may include the following scenarios:

No one (around the lights, the water is blocked, the clima
te control is set to economy mode).

came adult (turn on lights in the hall, a coffee maker in the kitchen, a stereo and air conditioning in the living room, and others.);

child came (including locked appliance, food processor, home theater, and playing audio-video message to parents and others.).

Disable all .Use function off one action all included fixtures, equipment, heating equipment, potentially dangerous appliances that can be forgotten when leaving the house.

mode long absence (vacation).Complete shutdown of most systems.Stay and work security system, video monitoring and recording, maintaining utilities in good condition.

mode comes to the house .There is no need to include the whole world, and disabled when exiting air conditioning, better turn on the light only in the lobby and display system status on the screen panel or a voice report on the number of calls to the intercom, telephone and so on. P.

presence in the house guests .Conclusions from the power saving mode of the heating system, heating, air conditioning in the guest rooms.

Light scenes .Premeditated scenario, turn lights will help create convenience and comfort in different situations, "Holiday", "evening", "Night", "cleaning" t. N. Scenario lighting creates a large number of managed groups, allows to transform the look of your interior according to your wishes.

another example of smart home modes:

mode smart home Morning - the level of light in the soft eye mode, turn on floor heating, air conditioning provide a warm climate, alarm clock turns on the music, the TV turns on any program at the right time.

mode smart home Day - light sensor is configured to maintain a constant level of light in the room and it changes depending on the light from the windows, air conditioners operate in the mode of the day, access to the premises in the mode of authorization.

mode smart home evening - muted light in the corridors, air conditioners go into evening mode includes special lighting scenes, access to technical facilities closed.

mode smart home Night - light is only activated by a signal of motion sensors, is only the overall lighting, air conditioners go into power save mode, the doors are closing, perimeter alarm is activated, the camera work on motion recording, alarm is activated and warning systems.

mode smart house guests - light scenes hallway, living room, dining room, home theater, aquarium, etc., air conditioning in the enhanced mode of ventilation, included music in additional rooms, closed private space, the camera work on the record.

mode smart home Lack - included security alarm, air conditioning saving mode, the light only works on teams of smart home security system (presence simulation), all the loads go into safety mode and energy saving, in the case of an emergency, the owner notifies the smart homephone, camera work on record.