What is home automation?

By Admin | Smart House
18 April 2016

Home Automation - a widespread way to make your home intelligent, while not burdening his expensive equipment, usually the included Smart Home.

Specialists say that of all the systems on the protocol X10 devices most accessible and high-tech.

X10 - a signaling protocol (on, off, brighter, etc.) for electrical household appliances inside the house.

format X-10 was first introduced in 1978, it has since sold more than 100 million devices.The success is due to the fact that developers have initially created a unified system of control and automation space.In addition, the X10 modules are easy to configure and install, and relatively low prices.

However, home automation is divided into classes, which are characterized by certain elements X10:
• Lighting and appliances
• Management of home audio and video equipment
• Security systems

Unlike systems Smart House, where all the elementscentrally controlled by computer, home automation modules - independent, but they can be controlled with a single re
mote.Each device gets its so-called "address", in which the programmed time a connection is established with a certain household appliance.There can be combined up to 256 types of addresses.
way or another, but the elements of home automation - is extremely versatile, allowing for the stewardship of the programmed function, but also with remote / keychain.

most popular devices in a series of home automation modules are outlets controlled appliances.They work on the principle of such modules Adapter: a module installed on the socket and any appliance, be it a TV, a coffee maker or air conditioner is connected to it.At the programmed time, or on signal, and a signal is switched on appliance - for example, if you want to be home for the arrival of tea to boil, it is enough to put a timer at a certain time, or if the system is connected to a computer, you can simply send an SMS-message system.

Equally popular modules and lighting control, as with a normal-looking switch, you can not just turn on or turn off the light, but also to change the brightness of the lighting.It would seem quite normal functions, without taking into account the fact that the control can occur by using the remote control.

It may seem strange that the home automation system with all its advantages and technology is not expensive.However, devices with X10 protocol simple enough for high-end products and quite single-minded focus on the functions.

home automation devices are unique by the fact that automates an apartment or house with the smallest details, because you can start to buy the outlet and control for the kettle, and then gradually build yourself Smart House.

tastes and demands are constantly changing, and home automation can for a little money to turn a house into a highly intelligent creature that can take with you when you move.