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By Admin | Smart House
18 April 2016

Many fans of floriculture often there is a problem with watering during his absence on the site.The situation may be different.Often, we have to leave the house for a few days or even weeks.What to do during a drought, for example?Really ask watering garden and orchard neighbors for "modest" fee "?

Even if you have the opportunity to periodically situated on the site and take care of the area, watering lawns and garden takes a lot of time and effort.The larger portion, the greater should think about watering.In addition, many homeowners still use bulky equipment for irrigation, so water the land is simply inconvenient.

If you want to make your life easier in the country, then you have probably realized, you can think about the systems of automatic irrigation area.Today, there are two types of irrigation systems:

1. Stand-alone automatic watering system
2. Automatic watering areas with the ability to control watering with a mobile phone (via SMS-messages)

get acquainted with these systems in mo

re detail:

Autonomous automatic systemsWatering

advantage of this system is that it is switched off independently at a time when soil moisture is above a specified level, thereby avoiding the troubles caused by excess moisture.Automatic watering system is easy to install and efficient in their work.This solution is designed for automatic irrigation area and allows you to easily monitor the status of the site.The system recognizes the time and the need for irrigation area.
system supports the installation of the values ​​of the time intervals between watering and watering duration of themselves.As the level of humidity is above a predetermined level, watering is automatically switched off.

- Safety circuit supply
- Power supply
- Solenoid valve
- humidity sensor

Automatic watering areas with the ability to control watering with a mobile phone (via SMS-messages)

Automatic wateringAdministration of SMS allows the user to control the flow of water by means of a mobile phone.Such systems support the connection of various elements.You can always supplement the system avtopolivom new features, such as power on / off watering depending on the temperature.

This automatic watering system is fairly easy to install and operate.Russified menu on the LCD screen with backlight and convenient keyboard makes it easy to operate the system.Control arm / disarm security systems carried out user-friendly manner: using the keyboard and mobile phone.Details of all events are recorded in the system memory, the so-called "event log".

system operation goes silent.In the event of an alarm is activated internal siren.When a power outage life batteries is approximately 6 hours.Using a mobile phone you can remotely enable or disable the automatic watering system.

- User-friendly menu in Russian;
- radio range of up to 650 meters open space;
- Large range of compatible sensors.
- Lack timer.

- control panel with GSM - module and home automation
- Relay module
- Power supply
- Keychain
- Solenoid valve

And most importantly, you can assemble a system of its own, using the elements listed above.