Smart home and children

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17 April 2016

This is especially true of security systems, as you know, one-touch keys can often lead to the removal of the entire system is disarmed.However, experience has shown that the children live well with complex technical solutions.

How to manage the system

Typically, these home systems have several ways to manage:

- Operation using the keyboard, a built-in control panel
- Control via remote keyboard
- Operation with remote control

often hide the control panelin the most inaccessible place, because the control panel - is the brain of the system, which should be protected from damage.Remote Keyboard, usually installed near the door, but a large number of keys and key combinations can frighten the child, especially the first few times.Therefore, the optimal way to manage is to manage to stick.Trinket has 4 or 2 pairs of buttons, so that the child they do not get confused.

What to do in a crisis situation?

Before leaving the child keychain key for use of the equipment, it is necessary to expla

in to him how the system operates.

- If your system is connected to a central alarm (eg, condominiums), explain to the child that an incorrect key is pressed can work home alarm and come to the aid of the guard.
- If your house has a sound alarm, your child should be prepared in advance to the hands-free system response to possible misuse shortcut.

Unfortunately, we can not exclude unforeseen situation.For example, a situation in which your child's attacker seems to make disarm the system by yourself.Almost all the "smart home" have the so-called key "alarm" by clicking under the guise that the system is disarmed, you send an SMS-message corresponding to n oats programmed numbers.

Panic Button

many available systems, "smart home" is expected to expand solutions.In this case, you can supplement the system with a special button, which is called "panic button."This button is a single channel keychain.This device has a large popularity and is often used in children's educational and medical institutions.In the event of a crisis situation, such as illness, the child will need to press one button to call parents.

Other devices

Some manufacturers have special devices for the control of small children.It's not just panic buttons and key chains, and other interesting devices - radio or baby monitors.

Company Jablotron (Czech Republic), for example, drew attention to its clients mat monitoring respiration.This mat is spread under a sheet in the case of breath, changes its frequency and pulse rate, etc.parents receive a notification.

that getting parents?

Thus, it becomes clear that parents receive the long-awaited peace and control over their child.Even in the absence of an alarm when you open the front door of the child, the parent will receive an SMS-message that resembles the following: "The system is disarmed SON at 18:00."

Well, in many European countries, children are finding a common language with "smart home".We hope Russia will be no exception.

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