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17 April 2016

In reality, it is a house that reasonably selected and placed the automatic control and regulation facilitate daily life and allow you to get rid of the routine sets worries

Technical devices that run the "smart home" can be divided into four categories.

Elektroavtomatika - devices connected LAN wiring inside the house and on the site and allow you to manage all domestic and garden equipment from one room or with one remote.

2. radioautomatics - wireless devices controlled by a radio signal from a special portable console (in the vicinity, within the home or at a short distance) or mobile phone (away from home).

3. Automatic software - a device controlled by a programmable electronic control unit - a microcomputer.They can act independently, for a given program, and commands for wired communication, and a radio signal from the mobile phone.

4. Touch Automation - stand-alone devices that react to changes in the environment and certain impact.

Of course, this division is conditional.The techniqu

e of "smart home" is multifunctional - it can be combined to work simultaneously.And most importantly - what if a few years ago the concept of "smart home" was perceived as a symbol of 'cool' and a set of very expensive meaningless toys for rich people, but now "smart" devices have proven the effectiveness of domestic and become quite affordable.

Another question arises: why the "smart home" - is certainly a country house?It is not necessarily - the system of automatic control and regulation, and can be equipped city apartment, if there is such a desire.Just in a city apartment, many household needs (electricity, heating, water) are provided centrally and in the regulation not needed.A country house is autonomous, open to external influences, household needs, there is provided at its own cost the owner - hence, the regulation and control of all systems of the house should also be autonomous, reliable, and are concentrated in the same hands.

Electro ...

most simple and accessible from this list - the device wired home electrics.You can use them without getting up from the sofa, open the gate guests arrived, enable, disable and adjust the power of light in the house and on site to control the operation of the kitchen, vannogo and HVAC equipment (ovens, microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, heaters), control a TV, radio, audio and video equipment, gardening equipment (electric pump sump, automatic irrigation system).That is - to get rid of the hustle and bustle around the house and area every time it is necessary to bring something into effect on or off.

most famous and easy-to-action type of home electrics - a timer, electromechanical or electronic relay triggered at exactly the scheduled time or at regular intervals.With their help, you can get rid of household forgetfulness.They just wake-up alarm hosts, include heating and lighting, prepare for the kitchen equipment, reminded of an interesting TV program, just turning on the TV to its beginning, will set the feed aquarium fish ...

electroautomatics disadvantage is that it can only controldevices powered by electricity (and hence, power house and plot should act consistently and have a backup source), and that it requires a large number of all kinds of transactions, spreading room and switchgear.

Radio ...

radioautomatics needs no wiring and can perform the same functions as the electric automation.Of course, all the household equipment will need to be equipped with autonomous radio units with independent power sources that they can always be actuated.

radioautomatics Advantages are obvious: it is ready to join the team on and fulfill all orders at a distance.Getting ready to go to the country with his family, the owner radioavtomatizirovannogo "smart home" using a mobile phone in advance will house a comfortable state - including lighting, heating, water, climate control, and air conditioning receive confirmation that his team made and the equipment is working flawlessly.

With radioavtomaticheskih devices can allow even a seemingly insignificant problem, as the movement in the house and area animals.A small key fob, priveshenny to your dog's collar, and a radio-controlled electronic door lock will automatically release the beast in your garden and let back into the house - the dog did not have any to remind owners that it's time to go, no whining and scratching at the door.

radioautomatics disadvantage - a difficulty that may arise in case of failures and interference in the transmission of radio signals.After receiving a distorted signal to external influences, the devices do not work, and the team will have to be repeated.However, the coverage area of ​​the mobile telephone such flaws, though possible, but not very significant.In the house you can control equipment and functions from a special radio control.

Micro ...

Automation Software - the most "intelligent" of all.The microcomputer is able to remember and properly perform hundreds of commands and operations without host intervention.To respond to the incoming command and change agenda.In the case of "contingency" microcomputer will alarm both to the relevant services, and the mobile phone owner - just need to program it according to these objectives.

microcomputer sufficient autonomy: in case of power failure it is possible to provide an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and enter the memory command to switch the autonomous power supply system to the arrival of the owners of the house turned out to be not de-energized.

Senso ...

separate kind of "smart devices" - the so-called sensory automatics.This automatic control devices, monitoring and control, with self-contained low-voltage power sources (batteries or accumulators), and equipped with a variety of sensors (electronic devices that recognize the state of the environment).Their task - independently, without human team, to respond to the situation.

The simplest device is a touch of automation - a system, including coverage in the time and the place where the person is and disable it after the departure of the person (immediately or after some time).They are provided with so-called motion sensors and displacement - sensors that react to moving objects.They can be used both in the house and on the site - for example, to sequentially turn on the low-current lighting fixtures during an evening stroll in the garden.However, the sensitivity of these sensors must be configured and adjusted - that they are not filled in your garden light with the appearance on the track of a dog or the neighbor's cat that walks by itself ...

devices with light sensor automatically include night lighting area and turn it off at dawn.They are used in the so-called sentinel lighting - in the evening include the light in the room, creating the illusion of the presence of people.

devices, referred to as "electronic Rottweiler", serve to protect the house in the absence of the owners - they are equipped with motion sensors and volume changes.When approaching the front door foreign object with a noticeable weight (for example, a person weighing 60 kg), included a large dog barking record, after which the intruder might choose to retire."Electronic Rottweiler" can be switched to normal doorbell - the sensor will notify you that someone came and stands at the door.

himself or with the help?

one who well versed in electrical engineering and electronics, it can self-install and mount in her house all the components of the "smart home".However, it is better to seek the assistance of professionals who know the intricacies of each particular system.If the "smart house" is equipped with a mix of devices, the consultation of experts all the more necessary: ​​the device must be properly docked, not conflict, and to work in harmony.


most modest configuration of home automation, "smart home" (alarm system + light control + control engineering equipment) will cost around 5000 USDThis amount will include the cost of components and the cost of installation and commissioning.The upper limit value of "smart homes" is not known exactly - it depends on the specific project and customer requirements, can be up to several tens of thousands of USD, and even exceed 100 thousand.

M. Kalugin, photo A. Goryainov.

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