Systems and water filters for the home.

By Admin | Smart House
16 April 2016

changed the world - all new discoveries and improved technology has allowed humanity to step far ahead.I changed and the water, and now hardly anyone dares to drink from the river, in the best case - from a spring or well.

In cities, we are forced to use water from the tap.Water treatment systems installed at water utilities, allow disinfection entering the apartments and houses of water.As a result, she often gets to us in the form of "liquid without color, taste and smell," as we learned in high school, and yellowish-turbid, passing through old pipes, with a strong smell of chlorine.Such water is not something to drink, even for washing hands used not want to.

Now cities and regional centers is becoming increasingly common delivery of bottled water, but it is associated with a number of inconveniences.Freely move large bottles can not everyone, but if time does not make an order, and then you can wait half a day, will not excommunicated from the apartment.

But all the same progress gives us more an

d more options for purification of tap water right at home.

One of the easiest ways to clean water - to buy an ordinary inlet filter pitcher.It does not take much space and allows you to quickly and easily obtain an acceptable quality drinking water.Volumes pitchers can be very different - from 1, 65 - that is enough for one person - to 4.8 liters - if the family is quite large.

Replacement filter cassette composition, consisting mainly of activated carbon has a resource of about 300 -400 liters, which means that a family of 3 can use one of them within 2-2.5 months.After this time, the cartridges must be replaced.This process is not complicated and does not take long: used tape gets out of the bottom of the filter vessel is put in its place a new, and after two or three passing water through a filter to remove fine particles from the cartridge filter material, the pitcher is ready for operation.

advantages of this filter are obvious: low cost, simplicity of operation.Pitcher can take with you to the cottage, on a picnic, a hike - it is easy and does not take up much space.The disadvantage - the inability to obtain directly a large number of drinking water, plus the need to filter certain time.Therefore, many housewives prefer to use filters on tap nozzle.

Such systems can be installed quickly on any kind of mixers and switches allow you to choose what to use water: purified - if you cook - or normal - for washing dishes or cleaning.Filter element, as in the jars is activated charcoal, removing inorganic dirt, and a number of organic components of tap water.Mechanical impurities, chlorine and its derivatives, as well as a number of other substances in the filter, and the output from it enters purified water.Yields range from 200 to 700 liters, and then the filter element must be replaced.As is the case with the filling in filters, housewives cope with this process without difficulty.

advantages of filter tips - low price, ease of installation and replacement of cartridges.Disadvantages include uneven quality of water, depending on its head.Simply put, the slower the water passes through the filter, so it is cleaner, and it means that the cleaning process is to take some time.During use filtering faucet for washing dishes or vegetables will not work, and this is another disadvantage.However, there are now systems equipped with an additional valve, and safely allows the purification of the water, and at the same time to use unfiltered.

addition to tips on tap there Desktop filters that can be easily connected to the faucet with a tube.Purified water is supplied from a tap on the filter.Generally, such devices have two stages of treatment: mechanical filtering and sorption on activated carbon.Source of such cartridges is significantly greater than that of baits and up to several thousand liters.

However, those who want to solve the problem of water purification around the house and do not worry about its quality, most reasonable to establish a multi-patient treatment system.

systems reverse osmosis or reverse osmosis water purification system is under pressure by passing it through a multi-layer membrane.Dimensions cells therein such that they can pass through only the water molecules and the dissolved hydrogen and oxygen.Reverse osmosis can remove pollutants such as magnesium, mercury, nitrates, sulfates, iron, chloro, and leaves on the other side of the membrane of bacteria and viruses.

To such a thin membrane is not clogged too quickly, the water before they reach extends from three to four purification steps.Among them step purification from mechanical impurities larger than 5 microns, the chemical treatment stage of chlorine and its compounds, as well as pesticides and organics.Water filtration systems, reverse osmosis is carried out at a pressure of 3.5-4 atmosphere, at a lower pressure needed an additional pump.

Back-osmotic systems are usually installed under the kitchen sink.The package with the system flasks and connecting tubes are tank storage of purified water, brackets, set to connect to the water supply, set to connect to the drain line.Also in the kit may include a pump increasing the water pressure at the filter input.

As in other filters, cartridges, reverse osmosis systems interchangeable.Terms of replacement filter elements are usually listed in the data sheet.The only drawback of reverse osmosis systems can be called to their relatively high cost, but, as experience shows, such filters are repaid within six months.Cleaning efficiency of the reverse osmosis system is from 97 to 99%, and the water produced at the output, is the most pure and delicious.

Now, having considered the various water purification system in your home, you can choose the one that suits you best.But whatever type of filter you prefer, water passed through it will be much cleaner than tap.