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By Admin | Smart House
15 April 2016
Insurance companies also include a water leak in one of the most unprofitable insurance risks.To date, there are various solutions that help to prevent water leakage in the room.

More recently, it seemed that prevent any water leakage can only be "smart" building with the ability to monitor and control elements of the system through a special protocol - X10.Statistics show that the rate of intellectualization residential spaces Moscow has long overtaken the capital.Since the first "smart" system is a complex schematic design requiring cabling installation with the first stages of the construction of luxury villas, users tend to think through every detail at the stage of designing the house.

Over time, as we know, there were wireless solutions that are now available to owners of apartments, and are not "elite" houses.Today, such systems are very popular.Of course, because they do not require installation, and often allow for comprehensive monitoring of unattended housing and life support systems.Remote
control by obtaining mobile phones owners or trustees operational SMS-messages with information about specific triggers sensors and detectors (power outage, traffic, opening doors / windows, broken windows, smoke, fumes, lowering the temperature, water leakage).

During recent marketing studies that were carried out by "Aydelink Market» (HomeIPoint), identified the most critical areas of control.Almost all pointed to the problem of water leakage and the need to protect themselves from accidents in the absence of anyone in the house.As it turned out, the owners are not always enough to get timely information through an SMS-message about the accident, and water leaks.It is imperative that the system will shut off the water and prevented thus the serious problems of flooding of premises and the neighbors below.

Understandably, users need a system that could work autonomously and automatically shuts the water system no matter whether it is an SMS-message to the user.In particular, this applies to the owners of apartments.After leakage of water in the apartment - a problem not only for potential users of the system, but also for their neighbors from the bottom.That is why almost all the insurance companies include a water leak in one of the most unprofitable insurance risks.

Today the system of remote control of water leaks and automatic shut-off the water supply can be counted on the fingers.However, each system has both advantages and disadvantages.For example, often there is a problem with the consumption of electricity, or, even worse, losing it.Additionally, valves which are used in solutions for overlapping tubes do not always meet health standards.So the first thing you need to pay attention to the performance of the system, learn about the valves according to technical standards and possibly ask the producers certificates of conformity.In particular, this applies to new products, new solutions have not yet had time widespread in the market but has a set of very decent performance.

For example, consider a novelty - a decision against water leakage HomeIPoint, produced at the plant Visonic (Israel) specifically for the requirements of the company "Market Aydelink» (HomeIPoint).Knowledgeable experts immediately drew attention to manufacturers.Visonic Ltd.- One of the largest and fastest-growing in the security market.Despite the fact that the company is engaged in manufacturing of systems and components for monitoring and warning SMS, a standard set HomeIPoint against leakage does not send messages to mobile phone users, but the system can be supplemented by this function according to the customer.

solution includes:

- control panel with the receiver of radio signals from the sensors and control unit valves;
- power supply;
- Wireless Sensor leakage of water;
- Two electro-ball tap.

Unlike the most common solutions today, this electro-staffed ball valves, which makes the system particularly reliable.Electromechanical ball valves meet the technical standards (EN 13564-1, EN 13564-2, EN60950, EN300220, EN3011489) and have the appropriate certificates.
Company "Aydelink Market» (HomeIPoint), which is the main "customer" of the decision carried out all the necessary tests and run this solution on the market.Here's how to comment on the decision technicians HomeIPoint :.

- That, in the first place, tests showed?

- During testing revealed the main advantages of this solution.The reaction of the system to leak and floors ball valves instantly.So this is not inferior to wired sensors, but greatly simplifies installation.Electromechanical valves withstand pressures up to 8 Bar and block water within 6 seconds after wetting the switches leaks.Electricity consumption occurs only at the time of closing.After closing the valves remain closed even after drying the switches.They can be opened again manually.In an open and closed state electric power is not consumed.

- How does the system work?

- In the places most likely water leaking installed wireless sensors.They determine the leakage of water and fed the radio signal to the control panel electromechanical ball valves, incorporated in the inlet hot and cold water.The control panel immediately sends a control signal to the electromechanical valves that automatically block hot and cold water.Along with the water shutoff on the control lights light up.Restore water supply can be manually by pressing on the control panel "Open" button.

- Is the system for a large cottage or it is calculated only on a small area, such as an apartment?

- The system is ideal for almost any residential and non-residential premises.To a single control panel, you can connect up to 10 wireless sensors.The main thing is that the sensors could transmit a radio signal to the control panel.In large rooms with concrete partitions need to pre-check the level of radio signal from the sensor to the control panel in the places where it is planned to install them.

Thus, the new solution «HomeIPoint» is an easy to use and reliable tool for the prevention of water leakage.As the experience of sales and installations, it is equally well suited for both apartments, as well as for home and office.

On request technical specifications of this solution:

leakage sensor: Power supply: Lithium battery, size 12 AA, 3V, 750 mAh, the service life of up to 3 years.Sensor cable: up to 3 meters.Range of radio: up to 50 m in open space.

unit: Dimensions: 106 x 166 x 38 mm.Weight - 217

electromechanical valve: Maximum water pressure - 8 bar.Dimensions cranes: ½ ", ¾".Closing time of the crane - from 5-11.Weight - 345 g

main panel: RF unit
microwave system - receiver with operating frequency of 433 MHz.

processing unit
ID-codes: more than 16 million. Code 24-bit combinations.
length code messages - 36 bits.

• Electrical characteristics
input voltage (for control unit) - 9V AC / 0.35 A min.
consumption current (from power supply 9) - in the steady state - 30 mA, in the mode of opening / closing the two stopcock - no more than 200 mA.