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15 April 2016
All systems overlap of water can be divided into 2 groups:

- systems with solenoid valves.
- electromechanical systems with ball valves.

The first group includes the popular "Neptune" and less well-known system of "Hydra".
Solution Control water leaks "Neptune" consists of two solenoid valves (for hot and cold water), the electronic control unit, sensors, water leakage and a long wire to the panel.If the kit includes a block GSM alarm, the system sends an alarm as an SMS-message.

water leakage sensors are shaped like a washer and installed on the floor just in places that cause you the greatest concern: in the washing machine, a bathroom, under the sink, etc.To one control unit can be connected to no more than four sensors - otherwise the signal can be lost or false alarms occur.As you have seen, the water sensors are installed in a way that is responsive to abnormal situations, ignoring the fine spray falling on the floor a hundred times a day.If the water so much that it fills the contact plate,
the sensor triggers and sends a signal to the control unit.

Includes wire specifically designed for use in high humidity areas.Furthermore, the control unit must be clearly visible and accessible as well.Finally, to facilitate the work, it is best to install it near the wall outlet.

control unit "Neptune" on the front panel has two LEDs.Green lights up when the unit is turned on, and lights up red when the signal from any of the sensors leaks.Simultaneously, a signal is sent to the solenoid valve that closes the water instantly.

In addition, the control unit can be connected to any additional signaling, for example, include a siren and strobe lamp as well as sending a signal to the panel established at the concierge desk.It is possible to connect to the system and "smart home" - then the matter is connected avtodozvanivatel that will notify you by phone that the house was leaking water.

We now turn to the third component of the kit - solenoid valves.They are installed in the cabinet immediately after the water intake opening manual valves.Furthermore, between the manual valve and the valve is desirable to set water cleaning mechanical filter.Otherwise, sand and small stones entering the valve, it will clog and after a certain time, it will cause the valve will not completely block the water.Of course, the work of assembling the valves should conduct a plumber.

following system, which we are going to tell - Hydra.In contrast to the "Neptune" is the number of miniature sensors leaks indefinitely.It is also fully autonomous controller that allows you to monitor water leaks, disconnect the riser hot and cold water, as well as to report on the sinking of using sound and light signals or on the cell phone owner's apartment.Hydra allows you to work independently with two zones.This gives the possibility to disable individually different contours or risers with water, depending on external factors.

In addition, No need to indent the hole under the central unit and cut a hole in the tile under the sensors.Miniature unit Hydra easily mounted on the wall, and thin wires to the pads of the sensor to let the joints between the tiles themselves pads arranged in the joints.All elements of the Hydra uses a secure life for low-voltage power supply + 12V, including solenoid valves.While similar systems use + 220, which can lead to catastrophic consequences when unexpected situations.

next group control system water leaks - is system engineering GIDROLOCK.If water at the electrodes of the sensor connected to the control unit outputs a control signal to the actuator to override the ball the water supply issue and audible warning.The water supply does not resume even if the power supply is disconnected.Ball actuators installed on pipes for hot and cold water in places convenient for installation and maintenance.If water at the electrodes of the sensor connected to the control unit outputs a control signal to the actuator to override the ball the water supply issue and audible warning.The water supply does not resume even if the power supply is disconnected.

system "GIDROLOCK" simple and safe to operate.The system works fully automatically and does not require constant attention and care.Sensor supply voltage of 5 volts water leakage.The system "GIDROLOCK" does not depend on the water pressure, and will work even if the minimum (zero) pressure.If there is a breakthrough of the pipe and the pressure dropped, the valve may not shut off the water supply.Ball electric block the water anyway.You can install a water leakage sensor at a distance of 100 meters from the control unit.

The standard kit includes a water leakage sensors with 3-meter cable.If the cable length is not enough, you can increase the cable length up to 100 meters.The system "GIDROLOCK" can be used with fire-protection systems

Another solution to control the water supply using the ball valves with electric drives is a novelty - a decision against water leakage HomeIPoint, produced at the plant Visonic (Israel).Knowledgeable experts immediately drew attention to manufacturers.Visonic Ltd.- One of the largest and fastest-growing in the security market.

Despite the fact that the company is engaged in manufacturing of systems and components for monitoring and warning SMS, a standard set HomeIPoint against leakage does not send messages to mobile phone users, but the system can be supplemented by this function according to the customer.

solution includes:

- control panel with the receiver of radio signals from the sensors and control unit valves;
- power supply;
- Wireless Sensor leakage of water;
- Two electro-ball tap.

believed that the ball valves have the highest reliability.