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14 April 2016

Modern companies every day show us their latest developments in this field.And if you previously had to mount a bulky camera body and stretching tens of meters of wires, radically changing a presentable appearance of his home or office, it is now the market of modern technology can offer a lot of options to meet the needs of every consumer.

Depending on where the customer wants to install a video surveillance system: the apartment or office, in a cottage or a small shop, and will vary between the range of equipment.Today, you can choose a video surveillance system: overt or covert, wired or wireless.

So what is included in a typical video surveillance system:
- Camcorders.Today, you can choose a wired or wireless hidden or explicit, in color or black and white, etc.
- DVRs (as well as Quad, multiplexers and video servers) which are, in fact, perform one function, namely to accept and process the video signal from the camera.
- Lenses.
- Power.
- Monitors.


On the market today there

is a large number of cameras.Among them are: standard, dome, miniature and street.

Under Russian law, the system of video surveillance in public places should be obvious.For this reason, the standard cabinet camcorder - is the most common option.These cameras are usually in shops, offices, cultural centers.Also standard cameras used to monitor and control vehicles in production.Such cameras are the most versatile, aslet you select color or black-and-white image, the resolution (from a weak, which allows to consider only the shape and to a very high, where even the smallest details visible).Some of the standard I / camera lenses are provided separately, which makes it possible to pick up the lens with the desired characteristics.

following prevalence - dome cameras, they are designed for operation in video surveillance systems - in supermarkets, casinos, hotels, offices, banks.Used where a large number of areas of video surveillance and high demands on the quality of the image.These cameras also come in both color and black and white.

In addition, various modes allow the dome to continuously monitor the movement of the subject even if it moves under the camera.There is another advantage of the dome - on the street she fears neither rain, nor snow, thanks to the dome, which protects against natural adversity.

miniature video cameras are small, its own housing and can be installed in virtually any room, while remaining discreet.These cameras are in the system in a hidden / monitoring and are ideal for protection of apartments, office or country house.

street cameras are different in that they can operate in more severe conditions, in contrast to its "home-based counterparts."This temperature and humidity level.To protect the camera from temperature extremes used housings with integrated automatic heating.If you need to watch the perimeter of the building or protected area, the outdoor camera is mounted on the rotary device c horizontal and / or vertical scanning.This combination of devices allows for effective video surveillance around the perimeter of the object.

Wireless cameras transmit video signals through radio signals at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.It is very convenient because it does not require expensive specialized laying wire video, you only need to bring the power of 220V, and the radius of the video input signal can be up to 1 km, thanks to directional antennas.


signal obtained video camera is transmitted to the receiving device.The function of this system can perform video recorders, Quad, multiplexers or video servers.

DVR - an independent unit, which produces a record of information on the hard drives.Typically, DVRs are easy to set up and require minimal maintenance, are extremely reliable and, most importantly, have a small cost.Of course, we should not forget that they are far behind in functionality than systems based on the PC (so. Called. Encoder), but for the simple objects that do not require specific tasks, the DVR will be the best solution.This device can process signals from multiple connected cameras in automatic mode to produce a record of observations, and to provide surveillance capabilities through remote access (ie the Internet).

inability of successive video recorders display all cameras at once, pushed the developers to create a new device - quad.He puts the image from all connected cameras on a single screen, divided into equal squares (hence the name).

Another very convenient and relevant characteristics of the device - is alarm inputs.Upon receipt of an alarm, the camera switches to the appropriate mode to full Quadra.Switching the alarm in full-screen mode is especially important in video mode.But it is not without drawbacks - quad usually has no recording function, so it will require in addition to the special recording VCR.

best alternative quad processor - a multiplexer.

Classic multiplexers perform multiplexing (switching) of the time on their incoming video signals from multiple security cameras and form two types of video outputs: one for viewing on a video monitor, and the other for recording on video recorder (DVR).

Video signals are output from the multiplexer to the video monitor while it is formed on the screen images from all cameras.So if you are connected to a multiplexer 16 cameras, the display monitor will display video from each camera, one for each of the 16 windows.At the same time, the operator can select any camera for full-screen video display it on the monitor.

If the customer needs a powerful surveillance system, the most suitable system based on the PC (personal computer).It provides an opportunity to solve many specific problems and requirements.

And one of the latest advances in video signal - is the use of GSM-channels.Systems of remote surveillance via GSM - is the transfer of images to a GSM phone (without GPRS).

remote camera connected to the DVR, combined with GSM-transmitter and the mobile phone is installed a small program that allows you to control / switch the camcorder.If the camera with a motion sensor, first you get SMS, announces the start of the recording, then you are connecting from a mobile with a password to DVR and get the live video.By this system, you can connect up to three cameras.

Thus, you get to watch the home or office directly on the screen of your mobile phone.Of course, this technology produce the video can be viewed only as an "operational emergency surveillance" because the image quality on the small screen does not allow long to enjoy the image and view fine details.However, it can be very effective for quick and mobile viewing your property.At the present time until all models GSM-phones support this service, but the list is constantly expanding.


camera lens, in fact, her heart, or rather, the eye and the vigilance of the indicator "eyes" it depends on the capabilities of the lens.

Modern lenses are standard, wide-angle and long-focus.

standard lens is limited to the distance from an average of 5 to 17 meters.

Wide cover a wide area (sometimes up to 1200) from a distance of between 0 and 5 meters.

telephoto lens allow you to reproduce images from a distance, thanks to the optical zoom, but offer a limited viewing angle.

Before opted for one or the other lens, it is necessary to determine the conditions in which the lens to be used.Lens Specifications shall comply with the characteristics and features of your camcorder.Besides, shirokofokusnye lenses are good for detailed images of objects near the camera, while for imaging at a decent distance better suited uzkofokusnye model.In the market you can buy a video camera has built-in lens, and such a thing will cost much cheaper than separately purchase the camera and lens.


surveillance system to work properly - it can not do without power supply.Basically, all the CCTV systems operate from the usual outlets.But if at some point the electricity does not come?The choice of power supply depends on what kind of DVR is used.For videregistratora operating voltage of 12V.perfect backup power source, ie,in the case of a power outage the backup source will allow the whole system to work without interruption.


monitor recreates coming from the camera signal after it has passed through the device video transmission.It is important to relate the capabilities of the camera and the monitor to the effective work of the color camera with high resolution is not distorted in the black-and-white monitor with poor visibility.Monitors may be based on cathode ray tubes and liquid crystal, plasma, projection, etc.

With full confidence we can say that the age of analog devices and gives way to go digital.And because of their obvious advantages:
- Digital system allows you to store information for a long time, and it does not affect the image quality.
- continuous operation mode "record".
- To view the information does not need to stop recording.
- easier and faster to find the right pieces.
- Ability to make high-quality copies of the original.
- Ability to transmit a signal / image over the Internet.

But our video surveillance system in the majority of cases are mixed.This means that the video signal is formed by a matrix camera in a digital form.Further, this digital information is converted by the camera into an analog signal which is then supplied to the digitizing device which converts it back into digital form.The digitized signal can be stored on any storage media or send it through the interface module.

Characteristics and equipment video surveillance systems depend on the requirements of the customer.As a rule, the minimum configuration of the system includes a video camera, video processing devices (video recorders, video capture card, etc.) And video display devices (video monitors).In a large video surveillance system installed additional control and auxiliary devices.

And if you really care about the safety of their home or office, trust the professionals