Smart home and security

By Admin | Smart House
14 April 2016

A security smart home is the most important and expensive component - security system.Its purpose - to prevent the intrusion of unauthorized persons to the territory of the site, a cottage or other protected areas.

principles of construction of the house are the protection of the so-called line of defense

Smart home and security first line of defense - is, above all, means of detection.These include surveillance cameras, sensors with different physical principles, which inform about the penetration and the whereabouts of the offender.

The funds entrusted with the task of tracking the detection of unauthorized persons, and the message about the home owner or security structures militia.

second line of defense - provides unobstructed passage of the owner and family members, and with the help of various means of restricting access to the territory of the site and the premises house uninvited guests.By remedies are strong door at the entrance of a remote-controlled locks, doors at the entrance to the house, intercoms,

equipped with cameras.All these devices help to delay the advance of the offender.

third line of defense - at this stage of security devices help to block the advance of the intruder in the house and work on his mental state.These include locks that block the inner door, with the help of the mental effects of sound and light, as well as an unexpected effect: smoke, gas, electric current.

The fourth line of defense - provides for the protection of safes and vaults from the autopsy.And for people living in the house, it is proposed to equip the shelter to sit in the case of an armed attack or raid, before the arrival of the police.


In order to protect the house and the people living in it does not necessarily protect it as a secret facility.The optimal setting is two, three cameras installed outdoor surveillance and covert sensor systems.

Smart home and security Currently, purchase equipment for surveillance systems is easy.Domestic and foreign industry produces a wide range of products.This camera color and black and white with different sensitivity and resolution, long-focus, allows us to consider a distant object and short-focus, enables us to give a broad outline.Install them on the rotary device can be fixed, or, in the street or indoors.

If a house has 3-4 cameras, the full functionality of the territory is necessary to monitor the device - multiviewer that can simultaneously observe the images from all cameras.

Multiplexer - a device that records on one tape signals from multiple surveillance cameras.When playing, you can view one or record simultaneously from all cameras.At the same time there is a certain loss of information because the record goes on the staff, in turn, with each camera.

best option - write to your hard drive, but it is more expensive because it requires additional hardware for analog signal processing and digitization.


in the "smart house" together with video cameras are used all kinds of sensors that automatically monitor the house and in the case of trespass serves alarms.This motion detectors, sensors, alarm systems installed in windows and doors.When a sensor is triggered the alarm sounds, and video surveillance equipment shows us violations.Smart home and security

The room is very comfortable to use infrared sensors.They are located on the ceiling, and the rays are directed downwards and cover almost the entire area except for objects preventing the spread of the rays, so the reliability of the detection sensor give 2-3.Infrared sensors detect an object contrast of temperatures at a distance of 12 - 15 meters, in addition, the sensors to distinguish objects by weight and not to confuse the man with the pet.The appearance of the sensor does not attract attention, and he did not come extraneous radiation from both the radio and ultrasonic sensors.

access control system starts from the gate.For professionals in the criminal world that obstacle is not of great complexity, but at the opening of the gates can work alarm.Therefore, the more you need to worry about the front door of the house and, above all, it provides for a reliable lock.

Developers castles go in several directions, one of them - the use of two keys.With a swivel mechanism is unlocked, and the second door opens.Lately, to unlock the pivot lock mechanism used electronic-mechanical device or an optoelectronic remote control key from the smart card.They are convenient because they can be applied, without attracting attention, and in optoelectronic no more radiation, which can be intercepted.And in addition to that locks are fitted with alarm sensor.

Smart home and security safety management system "smart home" is not limited to the gate and the front door to the house.During all illegal entry protection system restricts the movement of the attacker on the house.To do this, set on the interior doors electromechanical latches.During the penetration into the house of the robbers locked door latches all or selectively so that the robber went into a certain room, I could not go out there without tripping the alarm.

now sells all kinds of safes: recessed, with built-in alarm system, attached to the joists, with different types of locking devices.They are distinguished by fire resistance, resistance to cracking and has a number of specific characteristics.How to protect your safe, the landlord decides for himself.

effective security system can not function without independent power supply, so as not to lose its effectiveness during a power failure in the building.

owner of the house can be in direct communication with the smart home via the Internet or telephone to control heating, and fire protection systems, and so on. D. This convenience is the Achilles heel of the "smart home" and because the attacker can take advantage of it.Therefore, security of communication is one of the components of the security of the home.