House of XXI Century

By Admin | Smart House
12 April 2016

Progress does not stand still , and supplied us with a new toy - a smart home.As a system of complex communication and devices, smart home, oddly enough, it is simple and easy to use.Master control system all the benefits under the force of even a child.

smart House As part of the so-called standard smart home? First of all - all kinds of climate control systems.The point here is by no means a simple installation of the air conditioner.Sensors in the house constantly monitor the temperature, humidity and many other climate indicators.Based on the data, the system will activate air conditioners and humidifiers.This process you can control, being not only in the home but also outside (on the Internet).

Control in the smart home ceased to be associated with the management of the TV.Now it is your conductor's baton, which you control a whole orchestra sophisticated technology aimed at creating comfort in your home.Despite the fact that it requires no special skills, you will be able to customize almost any house

hold equipment, depending on your needs.

lighting system is turned off too much progress, and has long gone beyond the concept of the common man.The house is equipped with a special motion sensors.This means that, upon entering the room, you did not have to reach for the light switch.Also, the light can be turned on when you open the door.The work of all these sensors is adjusted to the time mode or depending on the brightness of the room.Very interesting is the system response to the movement on the streets.If you walk around your house attackers, the light will be periodically switched on and off in different rooms, simulating the presence of the master of the house.

moved far ahead and system security. your house will become your fortress.Trying to break will be fixed, and a signal not only to the control of fall, but will still be committed to the appropriate automated call service.If you wish, you can adjust and record all the events, so that the attacker simply no chance to escape.

The same system can be set up and the arrival of the hosts.You will meet not only light in the doorway, and a cup of hot coffee, a warm bath ...

In addition, you can automate the infield .For example, organize a watering station.Moreover, the quality of irrigation will follow too automatic.It is enough to provide a portion of rain sensors, temperature and light and smart appliances will choose the most suitable mode.This will not fill the site and do not give it to dry.

Taken together, these nice little things to make your stay in the smart house is incredibly comfortable and safe.And is not it - the main requirement for the ideal home?In addition, a properly configured system will help save a lot of money on the economical use of water, heat and electricity.After the light goes out as soon as you walk out of the room, and the water stops flowing, the water barely reaches skirting