Solar panels as an alternative energy source

By Admin | Smart House
11 April 2016

One way to solve these problems - installation of solar panels.And when, in the summer they do not think about how to make the most of the long sunny days for the installation and operation of solar panels.

How to calculate the efficiency of the solar cells on every single month of the year in the area where you live?To do this you need "These Solar."

What trackers if they can make their own, and how their use is justified to increase the efficiency of solar cells.This you will learn from the theme "Monitoring of the sun."

If SNT or settlement where your home or cottage is completely absent electricity, frequent interruptions occur, then pick up the equipment for autonomous power supply can help you a topic "Choosing a stand-alone system or a system of power" and "Backup battery and autonomous power supply. The choicenuances, theory and practice. "

How to ensure an independent source of electricity for sale, you can check out the theme of "solar module in an apartment on the loggia (balcony)."

experience producing 7,000 kWh / year with the help of solar collector made available to each cottagers materials described in the topic "Solar heating and hot water with his own hands."

How realistic is the use of solar panels for electricity at home year-round in it?His experience in "Winter avtonomke on homemade Security and TG" shares the same name in the subject kostya75.

What is the optimal way to mount solar panels to the surface of the house?How to make a fastening system so that you can control the angle of inclination of the Security Council, depending on the time of year?Answers to these and many other questions you will get in on "Installation of solar panels on the roof."

on budget purchase components for autonomous power supply system house or apartment is discussed in the forum topic "Where to buy cheaper solar panels - 2".

Possibility of bulk procurement can dramatically reduce the cost of both the components for solar cells, and deliver them.In the topic "Joint procurement of solar cells," you can find like-minded people who are ready to team up with you.

With a postal or courier service to deliver faster and safer Security in Russia?The answer to this question will help you find the topic "Payment and delivery of panels, inverters and so forth. Russian Post, courier services, Paypal, customs clearance and so on."

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